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  • Holiday attire for men… A guy’s guide to dressing festive

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    Q:Holiday attire for men… A guy’s guide to dressing festive

    I’ve received a Christmas Dinner invitation from my employer that states “Holiday Attire.” What is considered “Holiday Attire” for men? (Tamarac, FL)


    Just what everyone needs to top off the most chaotic time of year is an invitation with specific fashion plate requests- especially from your boss. ‘Tis the season to be overwhelmed!

    Holiday dress for men is luckily not as fancy as it is for women. A guy can get away with sprucing up enough to look festive, but not to the point of looking overly foppish. When a holiday party invitation asks for “holiday attire” or “festive dress” it really means to simply not look dour and have fun with fashion and color. For the most part, you can dress in pretty much what you feel is appropriate for a dinner party and not be expected to suddenly drench yourself in a garland of bells or wear a red velvet suit. But you should look snappy.

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    A lean, one-button velvet blazer worn with great fitting jeans has that simple chic sophistication in the style of Jude Law. Think about layering a T-shirt with a thin V-neck or a bold dress shirt without the tie. The understated combination of a rich fabric like velvet worn with something casual like a pair of jean gives the look a wonderful feeling of hip, dressed-down elegance that’s perfect for a creative business environment or house party. If the climate is too warm for velvet, try wearing a lightweight polished wool blazer instead, or just the spiffier shirt.

    If you’re in a more conservative sector, try the new slim, two-button suit silhouette which really spotlights a gorgeous colored shirt and tie. You can wear your gray suit, but go the extra mile when choosing a shirt color. Instead of an ordinary pale blue, wear vivid lavender with a rich eggplant tie. Or, wear a deep jade French cuff shirt worn a bit open without a tie for a Hollywood insider look. Don’t forget a pair of goldtone aviators for your grand entrance!

    When the invite is definitely formal, a fantastic-fitting tuxedo is your best option for looking classy and elegant. Keep to a French cuff shirt and stay clear away from those goofy vests with sports logos or teddy bears in top hats for an eternally elegant formal holiday look.

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    –December 8, 2005


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