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  • Label queens rejoice


    Hollywood Tag Tamers take the itch out of designer clothing labels

    Hollywood Hollywood Fashion Tape Tag Tamers from the folks who brought you keeps fashion labels and tags in place.

    Just in time for Fashion Week, a way to keep those pesky designer labels off your back, but secured right in the pricey clothes where they belong. The folks who brought you Hollywood Fashion Tape, the sticky little marvels which secure clothing in place so your sexy dress doesn’t accidentally play peekaboo with your private parts, have done it again.

    When you spend beaucoup bucks on a blouse, you are not necessarily apt to rip that itchy label off. What if a day should come when you want to send that worn once jersey number off to resale? Or, fess up how you just love to gaze at a closet full of tags that make your BF quiver in green-eyed envy. Some of those irksome tags even contain relevant cleaning information that is best left in the garment then gone missing along with your faulty memory.

    Well, stop scratching at the back of you neck and get a box of Hollywood Tag Tamers.

    The stuff is cheap enough to leave you with plenty of dollars to buy more clothes with labels to lust after.




    –September 7, 2005

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