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    Fall Fashion Trends… Details that mean a lot of style. Update your wardrobe to new fashion heights without having to start ove

    Details that mean a lot of style. Update your wardrobe to new fashion heights without having to start over.

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    Dear Sharon: What are the best colors and styles to wear for the this fall and winter seasons? ľFashion Show Me (Palmerstown, Dublin, Ireland)

    Dear Fashion Show Me: Ahh, a straight forward fashion question for a fall winter season that’s big on looks with just the right smack of a style shot. The key to updating a fashion-forward wardrobe is to hone in on the fresh trends that take your existing wardrobe essentials to new fashion heights without having to start over.

    This season, a blouse– preferably slightly frilly and ivoryŚcan instantly transform your wardrobe from dated to remarkable in the press of its pearly, petite buttons. If neo-Victorian romance, is not your thing, try one of the luxurious night for day fabrics like velvet or satin and don’t be afraid to pile on the embellishments.


    Be open to opulence. Say bye-bye to blinding bling. Rich editions like hand jewelling, 3-D rosettes, and intricate embroidery evoke the elegance of an old world Russian Czarina. But these sumptuous details are not reserved for just clothing. Accessories take a daring center stage with far from discreet jewels, bold buckled belts, lavishly textured handbags, awesome fashion pumps, and boots.
    Did I say boots?

    This has got to be the season of the supercute boot! If you buy just one new item, make it a fantastic pair of awe-inspiring boots. After sloshing around in dismal sheepskin fuddy-duddies for far too long, it’s about time to strut your stuff in some hot looking boots. Western boots are still a strong, casual street trend, along with trendier slouch boots, wedge heels, studs and buckle details, and lot’s of heavy embellishments from embroidery to jewels in styles that range from cuties booties to midcalf, to knee-high and from flats to huge platform heels. Yes, there is a boot style to suit every fashion whim this fall and to tuck into a new pair of skinny, higher waist (we’ve seen plenty of butt crack and you really do have enough hipster jeans), drainpipe jeans.

    Top it off with a must-have military inspired olive jacket or a loopy take on ladylike with an ode to leading ladies in Hitchcock films- short, cropped jackets, jewel necklines, and 3 sleeves to show off a mean pair of gloves. Oversized, glam sunglasses are a designer splurge to last a few more seasons – particularly large aviators. A bell-shaped skirt is a great one season fashion fix.

    Of course, there’s room to try out another fashion persona and follow fall’s other top style trend, menswear that’s so hot for ladies to wear. Some pinstripe, a dash of a vest (forgo the shirt for a touch of sex appeal), a small fedora or newsboy cap worn slightly askew completes the quirky yin and yang that keeps this fashion trend from taking itself too seriously. Brown is best when you go a little butch, butů

    Black is back. This time it’s texture rich- suede, reptile, velvet, furry, fuzzy, but never bland. Pile on layers of fashion’s most chic color by showing a bit a skin to break the line. The little black dress is big, yet has a clean minimalist shape that’s by no means austere, thanks to some added volume. Add a touch of white for some Sixties pop Andy Warhol ľ Edie Sedgwick cool.

    When you choose color, and the fashion trends for fall 2005 reallylure you to consider color, go rich. Forget wimpy, washed out shades which burrow in the back of your closet. Opt for deep, jewel tone hues of amethyst, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jet, and tiger’s eye that are bold, decisive, and statement making. And a fashion statement, you will make!

    –October 03, 2005

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