Quick At Home Hair Color Tip: How to touch-up roots + save your highlights

I don’t know about you, but I was a little scared to learn how to how to touch-up roots or fix my faded highlights at home.

Not anymore!

[Fade out to memory of high pigment, over saturated color and brittle ends]

It’s summer and for many of us it means travel and spending more time outside. We’re not always as diligent as we should be in protecting our hair from the sun and highlights can take a beating.

But, what to do when you can’t get to your hair colorist to touch up your roots or refresh your color?

I have a simple at home tip that works for me.

You can touch up your roots or add a gloss to revitalize your color by simply putting conditioner in the areas you want to keep highlighted and the color on the rest. Your hair will  get the boost of extra conditioner and you’ll save an extra trip to the salon.

Confession: After my forray into hair color horrors, I’m very happy just using a gloss every so often between highlighting appointments… no more single process color for me, ever. And that means no obvious roots either (she smiles).

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