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  • Didn’t get a pedicure? Try a pair of closed toe shoes for summer

    Rochas Flat Sandals

    Not so happy with your toes this week? No problem, there are plenty of stylish closed toe shoes for summer that keep your lack of pedicure under wraps. 

    q Dear Sharon:   I don’t want to seem like Captina Obvious here, but what kind of  closed toes shoes for summer look both stylish and not weird?

    The thing is that I don’t have enough time to get a semi monthly pedicure at a nail salon. When I try to paint my toes myself, I’m like a little girl with swished polish everywhere on my toe except my nail.  I’m looking for some fall-back shoes that don’t seem so heavy but still cover my chipped nails. (M.E via Fashion Advice)

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    Not to worry as I myself am seldom seen without socks as my feet are the last thing I worry about when getting ready (even though I do try to attempt to save face every so often). And, there are plenty of summer days that Sharon is wearing espadrilles for that very reason…. no time for her favorite pedicure color.

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    Sure, sandals are great go-to options when it’s scorching outside, but I also find that shoes are made more comfortable with socks.

    That said, whether we’re talking about concealing the state of your toenails or the glaring farmer’s tan below your ankles, there are plenty of options to give a go – in fact, you probably already have a few in your closet.

    For starters, the pointy slingback flats from Rochas (above) make for a great forever chic option as inspiration to hide your feet as well as boast a back strap for added comfort. Plus, they look more refined than a exposing sandal or towering heel when looking for office and party ready options.

    Here are some other routes to consider:

    • If you must wear open toe sandals, consider wearing them with a femme silk sock in an unexpected color to keep attention away from your lack of a proper pedicure
    • Slingback flats, clogs, mules, wedges and heels are also smart alternatives
    • There are plenty of open toe shoe styles that only bare a sliver of toe from peeptoe to slashed cut out front.
    • Avoid closed toe shoes with sheer panels to keep your toes under wraps
    • While not for everyone, there are also plenty of forward thinking ankle boots and pumps that feature backless detailing for an unexpected statement
    • Ankle strap heels conjure warm weather gear while giving off a polished vibe

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    Top Photo: Rochas

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