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  • Hot Shoes, the anti stiletto


    Same outfit + new shoes = magic!

    Put the plain Jane pumps on ice, you have enough already!Hot shoes are "It" this season.

    Yes, you can still wear your basic stilettos, but just don’t stock up on any more– your outfit’s centerpiece lies at your feet!

    Think of this as a bit of fashion pep talk. You all know we are shoe freaks here, and that’s because one great pair of shoes can completely change the look of your outfit.

    You don’t have to model skinny to pull off shoes. They don’t hide under your desk at the office, like a bag. You flaunt your shoes with every step you take.

    >> Look at these glam platforms, super souped up dress pumps, and to-die-for boots

    Shoes speak volumes about your personal style, so say something smart and modern. We only ask that the shoes don’t wear you- wear them with comfort and grace.

    Photo by Tinko Czetwertynski

    Do pump up the volume on some very bold footwear for winter and holiday parties. From platforms in vivid colors to over-the-knee boots, exotic textures, and opulent extras shoes become art wear for your feet.

    As far as the crazy high fetish platforms, yes they look great, but in all honesty they are better for the drama of the runway than the potholed streets of the real way.

    Here’s an Inspiration Board to ponder:

    Topshop at ShopStyle


    >> Photos, this page only by Tinko Czetwertynski

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