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    <h2The ultimate shopping guide for custom clothing in H?i An, VietnamAlix and Colin are almost midway through their trip around the world.

    Their global backpacking adventure to all points exotic took a very chic turn when they stopped off to sample the custom clothing and shoes from the tailors and cobblers in H?i An, a city located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam.

    According to Wikipedia, in 1999, the old town of Hoi An was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries, with buildings that display a unique blend of local and foreign influences.

    Here, Alix and Colin share their Vietnam shopping diary with you, and they were certainly roused by the trading of local and foreign influences!

    OMG the madness of customized clothing surrounds meand I am completely engulfed!

    How can I say no to this?!

    Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t say no to this.

    This is Vietnam– you can customize whatever details you like to suit your fancy! I certainly used my design skills to create exactly what I wanted and showed the tailors some luxury designer photos for reference.

    Alix models her new creation

    Up and down the streets it’s shop after shop of customizable clothing, shoes, handbags….anything. And most of the shops do a damn good job. So I say yes, yes, sign me up for some dresses, shoes, pants and a fun jacket/dress thing.

    And the outcome?

    After multiple fittings, just stunning. STUN-NING! One minute it’s a picture on the iPhone taken for inspiration in Saigon‘s designer shops. I Alix-ise the details to my liking with some fabric changes and stylized nip and tucks. Next, it’s on me. And, looking damn good I must say.

    Colin requested I get going with some gorgeous inspiration from a tweaked “C” number as well as some sexy wannabe, “G” heels. Boom. Done. Just like that. Oy, if I were here longer this could be a problem.

    Alix customizing some boots

    Cheapo Shop-A-Holic Tip: For all you shop-a-holics out there (you know who you are) I do not joke one itty-bitty-bit when I say it would be quite the experience to buy a cheap-o ticket to Vietnam. Go to Hoi An. Stay in one of the inexpensive hotels for $6 a night. And have all your dream designer clothes custom made to fit you in fabrics you choose. You could get a whole new wardrobe made here for the same cost of getting just a few things shopping in the States. Lemme put it this way – that $1200 “fancy” inspired number I mentioned above, all in silk, silk lining, made to fit me for $45. My faux “G” shoes – $30. Oh yes, oh oh yes. This is the most glutinous splurging ever to be done on our thrifty stinky backpacking journey!

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    Colin is fitted in a handsome coat

    Juked around the town doing all kinds of clothing related activities.

    In the end I got two suits perfectly tailored, five dress shirts tailored, a custom made wool coat, and three pairs of custom made leather shoes!

    It was uhhh….a bit ridiculous but my formal wear has jumped up more than a couple notches. –Alix (and Colin) on the Go

    <h2Our Highly Recommended Tailors:

    • AoBaBa – impeccable suits and dresses, our fav shop, on Nuygen Dui Hieu near Nhi Trung St.
    • A Dong Silk – great suits, 40 Le Loi St.
    • Shop 09 – shoes, 65 Tran Hung Dao St.
    • Cloth Shop Thuong – got our jackets here, 30 Le Loi St.


    Check out the custom process in our photo gallery:

    At last report, Alix still had her hula hoop!

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