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  • Hot Legs… Pantyhose makes a comeback!


    Hosiery Alert: Pantyhose is back in fashion!

    Hot Legs- Pantyhose makes a comeback!

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    The right to bare legs has become one hot debate for the past number of years with three sides up the middle on when to wear pantyhose or not.

    There are those tanned and toned creatures of perfection who cannot wait for the chance to show off some hot looking legs.

    Then, the old school mamas who would rather kiss their soccer mom lipgloss away than go without pantyhose, and some rightly so!

    And then there are the rest of us who fall in the middle: You get fatigued working that fake tan and what about those days that your skinned shin lingers on without mercy before healing? Not to mention the stilettos which burn your gnarly bare foot. Or, the need for a little jiggle support when Spanx seem like on too many things. Plus, there’s a bit of briskness in the air and you would be that much warmer with a pair of tights. Yet come hell or high style, you are not going to look like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl! No, you are not.

    Well, sweetness, it’s been creeping up for a while but I can bet on this one– pantyhose is back in fashion and they will be lingering around for a good while. We are not talking about fake tan sheer stockings that pretend to not exist but stick out like Great Aunt Clara trying to rock out at a Jonas Brothers concert.

    We are talking about hot hosiery that screams, LOOK AT ME, I want you to covet my gorgeous gams that are so bold ya just can’t miss ‘em from across the street.

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    Opaque pantyhose, whether matte or gleaming and shiny, is a statement-making style weapon that adds polish to your total look with just a quick gather and roll-up on your no longer chilled legs. Black tights rock out when in contrast with an amazing sculpted heel shoe in a brilliant color. Black pumps? No worries, there is barely a color that you wouldn’t want to wear on your legs this season— plum, crimson, inky blue, or vivid violet all look fantastic with your favorite Little Black Dress.

    Covet this
    Hot on the heels of the ornamentation fashion trend, your legs are no place to lack embellishment. Not since the Eighties have lace tights ever looked so right— wear them for day with a chunkier shoe or bootie for balance or at night with a luscious satin ankle wrap sandal to pile on the glamour.

    Transform your legwear from barely there nude to statement-making chic and you will discover a very budget-conscious trick to update your wardrobe in style.

    Big props to the return of pantyhose!

    September 12, 2008


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