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  • Windswept Hair – Tracy Reese Runway Hairstyles


    Windswept Hair.. Runway Hairstyles, Natural hairstyling tips from the Tracy Reese fashion show

    Runway hairstyling tips

    How to get pretty and natural looking windswept hair with hairstyling tips from Edris for FHI Heat for the Tracy Reese Fashion fall fashion show.

    >>See runway photos from the fall Tracy Reese fashion show

    Dear Sharon:I have a good head of hair, which makes me kind of lucky when I want to change my hairstyle. But here’s the thing, I’m getting hung up on this new undone wavy hairstyle that I have been seeing on the pages of magazines and it’s wrecking my styling repertoire.

    I’m noticing a lot of ever-so-slightly styled wavy, almost curly yet rather deliberately mussy hair on models and actresses. When I try to recreate that hairstyle at home, I either end-up with an overly set, dated style or a ratted up mess… yucko.

    How can I style my hair to look effortless yet feminine and pretty without taking too much styling time or looking like a runaway debutant? — Luscious Locks Made Easy (Milwaukee, WI)

    Dear Luscious Locks: Natural is only as good as you know how to fake your behind the scenes handiwork. When it comes to this loose waves hijacked off the runway hairstyle, you need just the precise amount of styling to make the result look effortless yet polished.

    There are very few of us over the age of seven who “naturally” have those magnificent long, loose open curls that gently move in all the right ways without looking contrived or too set-to-go Seventies sitcom star. But, there are certainly a helluva of a lot of fabulous girls out there with iconic Kate Hudson bouncy, undone waves and only the gorgeous result is natural.

    Edris Nicholls and her team of stylists created this undone, hairstyle for the Fall 08 Tracy Reese Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Edriss was motivated by a way to complement how ecology and nature can inspire fashion so she and her possee of stylists set out to create an unfussy, organic hairstyle that showcased easy, flowing curls which can also be easily mimicked on your own. “What’s great is that all of these looks are easy to achieve at home as long as you have the FHI Heat Hot Sauce and use your hands.”

    Edriss calls this hairstyle the windblown look and shares her hairstyling tips:

    .Blow hair straight to soften and minimize volume. Use a flat iron when necessary to straighten hair further. (She likes the FHI Heat Platform SE flat iron).

    .[b]Applythe styling Hot Sauce on dry hair, using a quarter size amount to set hair without creating too much shine.

    .[b]Part hair on the left side of head from the occipital bone to the nape to create two distinct ponytails.

    .[b]Roll hair and twist it into two “Princess Leia” buns, each placed in front of the ear, and let each set for 1 hour.

    .[b]Undo hair and shake it out, without brushing so hair comes out” free, soft, wavy and beautiful!,” Edriss says.

    NOTE:For black hair, create flat twisted curls using a curling iron. Place the iron near the scalp and rotate hair while twisting it at the same time with the iron to keep the root area flat. “You get volume only at the ends by doing this,” Edriss says.

    There you have it… natural looking wavy runway hair that’s both pretty and polished with minimal styling effort.

    –September 11, 2008

    Photos, this page only: Courtesy FHI Heat

    Windswept Hair… Runway Hairstyles, Natural hairstyling tips from the Tracy Reese fashion show

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