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    Stay Cool with SUMMER’S HOTTEST HAIRSTYLES… Perfect Runway Hair You Can Master On Your Own

    Perfect Runway Hair You Can Master On Your Own

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    Dear Sharon: My hair never seems to look right in the summer. No matter how many products I use, I just suffer from a bad hair day that lasts a season long. Once the temperature drops, I can style my hair to look the way it should, but what am I supposed to do about the warmer months? I’m not about to drape my head in a kerchief until fall. —Bad Hair Days of Summer (St. Louis, Mo)

    Dear Bad Hair Day: Rule Numero Uno of great hair: Find a hairstyle that works for your hair and environment, not one that just looks pretty in a magazine! Start to learn to go with what you’ve got and your appearance will thank you for it.

    Sounds as if you are overstyling your hair and fighting with it to do something that will just not hold in muggy, warmer weather. Any style that calls for more than two styling products when the temperature heats up is simply the wrong hairstyle! The secret to fab hair is in the cut, not the containers of setting gunk!

    Discover a good hair stylist who understands your hair type and can cut it into a style that best suits its texture and your face shape. Then, you’ll be on your way to looking great in no time.

    Luckily, this summer’s hottest hairstyles are totally low maintenance thanks to the bohemian fashion trend. It’s easy to runaway with runway hair now since there’s a certain imperfectness to make this look perfectly at ease.

    Go for hair that you want to run yours fingers through. And, in fact, looks like someone just did!

    What Looks Right, Right Now:

    If this fashion tidbit doesn’t rev your style motor up, how about the added bonus that unstructured hair takes years off your face. Forget about hot rollers, jumbo Velcro curlers, or anything that must be plugged in other than a blow dryer.

    Bangs– the fringe benefits of imprecise feathered bangs instantly update any hairstyle

    Side part– center parts are so last season, move your comb over an inch or so and gain instant chic

    Shaggy layers– from an all-out 70’s feathered Farrah to simple longer layers that soften your face

    Pixie– short, girly, and chic that casts magic on small-boned features

    Mussy waves– not the stylized Veronica Lake kind, but more like a beach bunny

    Braids– when a pony tail looks too retro, pull hair back into a loose, slightly amiss, French braid

    Sun kissed highlights– compliment a faux tan with some face brightening streaks that also add texture to limp hair

    Everyone wishes for the kind of hair that they don’t have. Save yourself a beauty headache and work with what’s on your head.

    –July 18, 2001

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