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  • Who Can Turn the World On With Her Smile?…

    mtm beret toss

    Move Over “The Thinker,” Here Comes Mary Richards.

    Taste The Hamptons-Recipe to take a bite out of style from The Barefoot Contessa.

    Okay, so she was a thirtyish TV icon thirtyish years ago. But Mary Richards still rules.

    That’s Mary, the stylish lead character, in Mary Tyler Moore‘s eponymous named Seventies hit television show .

    No matter how ever so slightly dated the single, independent Mary now appears, there’s always something modern about the way she wears her flares, belts her shirtdress, or how her hair flips.

    Most important, there’s something completely empowering about the way she tosses her beret.

    The Wall Street Journal* writes- on it’s front page- that a bronze statue of tam-tossing Mary Richards will be placed in the actual spot in Minneapolis where she was seen flinging her hat in the show’s opening credits thanks to TV Land, the cable network that airs the show’s reruns.

    “Tossing the hat inspired so many women,” say Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles-Belton. “It showed us we’re capable. We’re bold. And we’re cute.” writes the Wall Street Journal.

    Does that mean that in only a few more years there will be a monument as to where Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen tried on their first pair of high heels? I wonder.

    *WSJ 6/19/01

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