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  • How to Dress Classic- Discover the can’t live without pieces in your wardrobe

    Photo: Zara

    Collect well & you’ll have some things forever…

    From work to play, every smart wardrobe starts with pieces you can’t live without! Learn a few simple lessons and get set with a practical, timeless foundation once and for all.

    When it comes to how to dress classic, the RIGHT elements easily become the ‘can’t live without pieces’ in your wardrobe. Consider those tried-&-true gems as the glue bound to create a well-balanced, working wardrobe with infinite possibilities.

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    And as many of you out there, us included, continue to get bogged down with fleeting runway trends with less than a four-month lifespan, getting the foundational basics covered in your wardrobe is something to master with pride. After all, these are the pieces you will continue to go back to season after season.

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    I recently took to twitter, to ask what are the Top Three can’t live without pieces in YOUR wardrobe? Below are some exemplar ideas stylish ladies online had to share. Do note that the theme is classic, and most of all consistent -some things never change…

    a boyfriend jacket like this inexpensive one from asos is a wardrobe basic

    a boyfriend jacket like this inexpensive one from asos is a wardrobe basic

    What you should look for to keep modern classic & get the most for your money:

    • The Beauty of Cuts & Lines- When it comes to structuring classics, finding the best you can with what you’ve got should be top priority. These pieces should last a lifetime and with the right eye, never go out of style. So, be kind and pay attention to the little things; waistbands, seam detailing, buttons, lining, fabrications and cuts. Seeking out the purest of quality is key.
    • A Classic White Shirt- From Carolina Herrera to Audrey Hepburn, a classic white shirt has proven over time to show its versatility. Paired with just about anything from jeans to a maxi formal skirt, a crisp white button-down will always retain a sentiment of pure elegance at its most basic. Look for white shirts with a slim fit and in a substantial ply.

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    • Pencil Skirt- No matter the length, a neutral pencil skirt in black, khaki and navy in fabrics mixed with stretch, looks appropriate anywhere at any age. Keep waistband and pocket details simple and fuss-free for the most wear.
    • Slim Pants- Custom fitted by your local tailor, a slim wool crepe pant with a fluid leg and classic waistband can look chic at any occasion when paired with anything, high to low.
    • Go to Jacket/Coat- Build a small arsenal of essential outerwear styles; invest in a chic peacoat, duffle coat, wind-breaker, anorak, trench, and double-breasted coat. Same goes for jackets, find each must-have style in a range of colors from khaki to black. And when the trendier option comes along, you can know that you’ve got the stand-by waiting for you when you tire of your new printed moto jacket.
    • Great Shoes/Pumps- A smart, classic black patent pump with little to no decoration, or a versatile nude flat, gives any look an instant upgrade.


    So what are YOUR top three can’t live without pieces to dress classic? Please share in the comments below…

    Top photo: Zara

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