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  • Three Ways to Double Duty Your Style- Business fashion for a back to work mom

    Look for pieces that do double duty for a back to work mom- like these from Ann Taylor

    Q: Dear Sharon: It’s time for me to address what it takes to create a wardrobe of business fashion for a back to work mom. After being away from the concrete jungle for 6 years, it’s time to go back to the office on a part-time basis.

    The thing is that my wardrobe is looking a bit dated and close to a size smaller although I am hoping to get back to my original weight. I want to start to rebuild my wardrobe slowly, as I’m not sure if I will stay in an office environment or opt for consulting work later. What’s a good strategy to build an appropriate wardrobe of business fashion for a back to work mom? (J.D. via Fashion Advice)

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     Style has no size but making a wardrobe that flatters as it fits is a whole other story. So, let’s talk about size first. My son is in high school (how did that happen so fast???) and I don’t think I’ll be getting into those skinny-minny pre-pregnancy jeans anytime soon no matter how hard I try. Eh, low riders and boot cut always seem like a style oxymoron to me anyway. The point is, dress for the size you are now and not the one you once were or hope to be.

    That said, it’s always best to have a core wardrobe that does double-duty, whether it be for work & play or business & party. If you have pieces that effortlessly interplay with each other, it’s easy to use them as a launch point to dress for the occasion and not limit yourself to a business situation that may be short-lived or iffy.

    The best way to accomplish a dual purpose wardrobe is to…

    See, just a few basic pieces mixed and matched can take you though the week from work to mom play.

    What are your favorite double-duty looks? Please share in the comments below…


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    Pictured at top: Ann Taylor Ponte Pencil Skirt and Ann Taylor Abstract Pebbles Print Pleat Front Bubble Hem Blouse

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