How to Dress Up A Dress – The Greatest Building Block of Them All

Let’s call this DRESS WEEK! You know how to accessorize with French Chic street style from Paris Fashion Week, which new skirt length looks modern, and NOW: How to Dress Up A Dress!

Get the most out of your money as we close our week covering the benefit’s of a simple frock to help you discover what works for you when it comes to that one essential piece. The right dress & skirt can take you far, so take note as share how to dress up you favorite piece…

That’s right, as you may know, much like a smart skirt, a chic dress can go the distance and work as a starting point to many a look, plus you get the convenience of only having to wear one piece, unlike men!

A dress can also be versatile -both feminine and empowering and when you add the extra’s, you can go in just about any direction.

By now we bet you’ve got your basics covered from classic shift dresses to cocktail frocks a plenty, but have you ever thought of how you can make that standard khaki column radiate with a glamorous spirit?

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Dressing up your dress can be a pleasingly fun time as you add requisite jewels, sequins and turn up the shine. Here’s what you’ll need to elevate the status of you favorite go-to frocks. And even though you need to go formal, always stick true to your sartorial senses so you look collected and comfortable.

Here’s what else to keep in mind when you want to dress up a dress:

  • Start with a higher heel and keep in mind that a thin heel will help you look longer & leaner
  • Smart, necessary extras you’ll want to be on the lookout for include: box clutches, decorative scarves, oversized cocktail rings, beaded shawls, sashes and belts, major embellished earrings, a statement making necklace, point d’esprit tights, patent shoes and belts
  • Add metallics for a burst of flash
  • You can always cinch your waste with a patent or metallic belt to amp up your silhouette
  • When you go maximal with luxe extra’s,  keep your hair & make-up more minimal
  • If your dress is on the busier side, keep accessories minimal also
  • Like Shala Monroque pictured above, a simple strand of pearls can go a long way from lunch dates to dinner
  • When all else fails, a major necklace will work wonders
  • Be on the look of for extraordinary toppers and coats as they may be that one step trick to turn the standard dress into something with major appeal, a tux jacket could also work
  • Be adventurous, show a little skin, just make it look effortless
  • Remember, sometimes all you may need is an elegant little black dress topped off with a decorated cuff for an easy chic, effortless option
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We pulled these chic & classic dresses for you to consider adding to your best dress wardrobe:

Photo: Valentino