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  • Clothing Care Tip: I figured out how to fold T-shirts neatly- The Miracle Fold is my secret!

    a ridiculous amount of striped t-shirts. folded in a cinch by The Miracle Fold and my lack of patience

    I have to admit when it comes to how to fold T-shirts neatly, I get a bit anal. There must be a part of me left over from random still-life stylist jobs (I almost always worked with models) where the idea that every crease in a perfectly stacked set of shirts looks crisp, pristine, and most important, EVEN…. like in a catalog or on a store shelf.

    Admittedly, I have since developed a fascination with the Japanese shirt folding video technique, but my fingers don’t “pinch” that perfectly.

    Albeit, even after considering the Martha Stewart T-shirt folding method (like the Japanese but, well, Martha-ized), it’s clear that as much as I adore Martha Stewart, I’m no competition in the laundry room.

    Well, until NOW. I have found The Miracle Fold.

    The Miracle Fold at

    The Miracle Fold at

    Take a gander at my ridiculous amount of striped T-shirts folded in a cinch by The Miracle Fold and my lack of patience, pictured at the top. Pretty cool. What’s better is this why-didn’t-I-invent-that crazy plastic folding thingamajig basically can fold anything that you can hunker down between its sides. Think towels, pants, sweaters, button downs, whatever, all compressed to a nice and neatly folded presentation.  Loving this… had to share.

    What’s your favorite way to fold T-shirts? Please share in the comments below.

    Where to buy:
    The Miracle Fold at

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