A Reader Asks: What to wear to a Baptism?

Our latest reader style question asks what to wear to a Baptism. Can she wear a mini dress to her child’s baptism? Is short too short for a religious occasion? Let’s discuss…

qNext month my daughter’s baptism. I’m thinking of wearing my H&M white lace mini dress, pictured above, with navy peep toe heels and a navy blazer (if the weather requires it).

My problem is this, the dress is so short to wear alone in church? I’ve thought of a dressy pair of shorts, but what color and would that be OK given the occasion? Can I wear a mini dress to my child’s baptism? (Lisa via Fashion Advice)

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Congrats on the baptism! Joyous occasions that might be heavily documented call for a serious consideration of what to wear, as all eyes will be on both you & your child. Add the religious aspect, particularly since it is your child, and what to wear to a baptism becomes a bit more sedate in your sartorial choices.

Though your outfit sounds cute for just about any occasion (and so good it should be a go-to option for almost everyone), it may be too short and revealing to wear in a place of worship. Keeping to the cream lace theme, a more sophisticated style that is above the knee or longer may just be more appropriate and keep the focus on your child rather than your legs.

Take a look at these choices to see that they share a similiar style vibe of your lace mini but more grown-up.

If you do feel confident in wearing your mini dress,  you’ll definitely need to add a security layer to maintain some modesty for a religious ceremony.

All in all, the dress is too short, and it gives off a young vibe. And since tights and leggings won’t do, shorts don’t make the strongest option either since they instantly bring to mind a casual affair. While dressier shorts will bring unnecessary attention to your lower half.

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But since it is a mini dress, tunic length piece, you’re in luck as we’d suggest taking Dior’s latest pant & tunic runway offerings as inspiration, especially when layered with a blazer. The look will bear an ultra chic nod to the Great Gatsby era if you add a slim fitting pair of champagne colored cigarette pants, and even a string of pearls.

However, if where you live makes pants no matter how light in weight a challenging option because of the warm weather, what about looking for an alternative for formal events as wedding season has also just begun.

A simple ivory shift can add instant elegance to your look, like this one from Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013
A simple ivory shift can add instant elegance to your look, like this one from Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013- JUST for inspiration, it’s couture, ya know!

With that in mind, we pulled this dreamy confection from Valentino for inspiration as you can find dresses with similar styling at every price point (even at just $40, at your local H&M). It sits away from the body, and boasts a fail proof length and regal elegance that will never go out of style. No matter what age. – Naveed Hussain

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Reader photo above, @Valentino below