5 Simple Shifts To Get Your Mojo Back! [Quick Tip Video]

How to Get Your Mojo Back? It’s easier than you think.

Today’s Quick Tip video shares how to get your mojo back and be your #1 so you don’t bore yourself to death.

As a woman,  you sometimes forget about yourself sometimes. You put the needs of others in front of you….business needs… saying yes to anything, and before you know it, you lose yourself.

You don’t flourish as you should.

So how to actually get your mojo back?

In this Quick Tips video, you will learn these 5 simple shifts…

1. Acknowledge it. Make sure you are aware that is happening.

2. Find what inspires you.  Take a couple of minutes every day to go window shopping… to go to a museum or an art gallery… to take up a sport… to work out… to go for a ride. Look at something OUTSIDE of yourself that takes you INSIDE of yourself and that inspires you.

3. Make a concerted effort to shift.
Get up every day and commit to doing one thing that inspires you. Do whatever it takes to make you feel happy about you!

4. Put it on the calendar so it is real. Mark it down:

-I am having dinner with my cutie one night this week…
-I am going out with girls on Wednesday…
-I am going on mom’s movie night on Thursday

5. Do more of what makes you feel good!
A little goes a long way when you start to break habits. Take it day by day.

That’s how you get your mojo back.

Listen to America’s Happyoligist, Jackie Ruka share tips on how to be more happy, on this episode of the & Days to Amazing Podcast.

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