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  • How to live elegantly on a budget [Quick Tips Video]

    Secrets to living a cheap chic and elegant life.

    Secrets to living a cheap chic and elegant life.

    I’m often asked how to have a sophisticated, upscale lifestyle without spending a fortune.

    This really resonates with me as it’s how I grew up.  My mom wanted to us to appreciate the aesthetics in life to enjoy art, culture, luxurious living, and designer clothes even when we couldn’t afford it.

    How we enjoyed the pleasures of an elevated lifestyle within our budget was easy. We didn’t sit home and ruminate about what we could not have but look for ways to live the life we dreamed about on the budget we had.

    Here are some simple ways to live a cheap chic and elegant life:

    • If you enjoy the theater, rather than pay full price in advance look for discount ticket sites or off times.
    • Enjoy our favorite high-end restaurant but instead of a full dinner, have an appetizer and drinks. You’ll taste the experience without over indulging.
    • Bring elegance into your home with simple bouquets artfully arranged flowers from the local deli.
    • Spend a day enjoying as a museum by going on the off-hours or at a time when it’s free so you can be inspired by the art and beauty without the high ticket price.
    • Visit a bookstore and look at travel and art books for inspiration… let your mind go on an excursion.
    • If there’s a dream vacation that you are craving, look into off-season or shoulder season travel for a better room rate- that’s what many business conferences do.

    Think of different ways to not pay a premium price and still live the elegant life you want to live on your budget.

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