How to organize your closet with the best Huggable Hangers! [Quick Tips Video]

Closet organization tips with my favorite Huggable Hangers!

If you have a lot of clothes like me, your closet space is at a premium. The best closet organization tip I have are fuzzy hangers!

You can find fuzzy hangers at Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, or on the Home Shopping Network. Versions are available at almost any home goods store.  My favorite red ones are from Joy Mangano on HSN.

The hangers are slim, so don’t they take up a lot of precious closet space and clothes almost never fall off- especially, delicate items like camisoles or lightweight tops.

I organize my clothes by not only what they are but also my organizing my hanger colors so it visually looks more pleasing and less cluttered.

Can’t give these hangers enough love… my all-time favorite organization hack.

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Huggable Hangers, fuzzy hangers, velvet hangers, whatever you call them, I pulled some for you to shop…

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