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  • How to Look Ageless OR 9 Geezer Magnets That Read Old and Why to Avoid Them

    My parents visting a cousin's house back when they were still engaged.

    It’s my birthday again (better to have them then not too), and I still feel the same way. Although, I conveniently can’t remember which birthday it is. Shhh, don’t tell me, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Enjoy this reprise of some solid advice to keep that youthful spirit! S.H.

    15-years-Focusonstyle-anniversary-320x338-logo-copyIt’s my birthday today, woot, woot for me!  You think how to look ageless doesn’t cross my mind? I’ve gotta admit that when I think of the numeric add up for my age I feel a little, ah, “removed” from it.

    Of course, I remember the year that I was born but I try not to dwell on the actual age “number” as it becomes more of a burden to live up to, or live down, rather than a launch point for more great things to come in one’s life.

    Really, staying up past sunrise with friends doesn’t seem that long ago.

    Mastering ageless chic is what fires me up. Not because I chose it, but because I grew into it.

    We should not be bogged down by the year we were born or the lack of resources, as with the right skills & attitude every woman can turn “it” on and stand out from the crowd in EVERY stage of her life.

    What I find interesting about growing older, is that as I hit different landmarks in my life, I start to look a helluva like my mother (with a healthy dose of dad in the mix) did at that same age. Especially, when I recycle some of her old Calvin Klein dresses from back in the day… never too old to shop mom’s closet.

    See how cute my parents look in the photo above. Mom warned me that my boobs would get bigger with age, and dammit, she was right.

    However, when I look around at others in my age range– give or take a decade for good measure– I have to think, sh*t there is NO reason why “she” should look so dang OLD. That said, with every birthday, I am surely not going to go down dressing like an old bat fuddy-duddy. Nor, should YOU.

    With my husband on a windy boat ride last week.

    With my husband on a windy boat ride last week.

    There  is something incredibly aging about plunking yourself in a fab over 40, 50, 60 group with an expiration date, when looking ageless and fantastic is enduring.

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    Don’t be encumbered by your age, be free from restrictions to anything other than it is flattering to you right now.

    Truth be told, I’ve been using anti-wrinkle cream since I’m 16 and have never been a sun worshipper, have good genes, but also REFUSE to ever subject myself to an age ghetto .

    Hummm, I should really call this how not  to look like a dated dowdy dowager or a freaky alien old goat.

    Listen up, THIS is important: You don’t want get pulled tighter than a snare drum for someone to say, “Gee, she looks great for 50.” You WANT someone to say, “Wow, she looks great PERIOD.” Keep ’em guessing how many candles are on your cake.

    I must really like you if I'm sharing this photo of me with the awkward short bangs.

    I must really like you if I’m sharing this photo of me with the awkward short bangs.

    Nothing causes more duress than making beauty & style mistakes that instantly age you, like the awkward short bangs in the picture of little me, right.

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    Discover easy tricks to never look dated & HOW TO LOOK AGELESS by avoiding these 9 geezer magnets (YOU fill in #10 in the comments):

    1. Cutesy readers- Think about it, does a 35 year old wear printed glasses? Probably not. If you wear glasses, opt for proper glasses with sophisticated shapes and colors- like tortoise. And there’s nothing more elegant than a chunky, sturdy pair of glasses.  Leave the wire frames to John Lennon.
    2. Chunky concealer- Nothing adds 10 years more than a face caked with heavy foundation and crinkly concealer. Opt for lighter products with more moisture to nicely, and evenly, glide over older skin.
    3. A solid line of gray roots– If you are totally gray and often lazy on your touch-ups either commit to going gray completely, or opt for highlights that leave less of a demarcation area in between grow out and the rest of your hair.
    4. Old lady shoes- There I’ve said it. As we age our feet can make it more difficult to wear high heels but by no means should you resort to “comfort styles” -unless you have a physical disability. Find stylish shoes that are also comfortable- yes , there are plenty out there at any budget, you just need to try them on. *But be wise, wear sheer black hose with stretchy comfort shoes and you just packed on another 10 years.
    5. Matte lipstick in unnatural shades- Coral, bright pink & tangerine are not your friends and only spotlight dry lips and wrinkles. Goopy lipstick and obvious lipliner are just dated. Opt for more sheer & natural shades of lip color and try a light gloss over it.
    6. Teenage clothes- Wearing anything that is designed for a young girl on an older woman makes her look even older. Avoid any combination of glitter, pastel, ruffles, body-con,  babydoll, short, bare and super trendy. Pick a nuance of the trend you like and mix it with more sophisticated pieces. If you do have the figure for something short or clingy, be sure the cut is more classic than girly.
    7. Boxy athletic sneakers- Particularly white. Listen up, in the last 20 years there have been more than plenty of stylish sneakers from actual running shoes to casual styles so why are you still wearing fugly, old boxes on your feet?  Consider a slip-on backless version an equation for an even more aging look.
    8. Low boobs- Your bustline should be approximately halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. The closer it is to your elbow (or below) means you need to wear a bra with more support.
    9. Never pop your collar in your profile pic, or worse in life, unless you want an extra 15, make that 20 years of instantly dated style.

    Speaking of old, I’m whipping up some NEW things for you… a brand extension of FocusOnStyle that I am so excited and inspired to create. But here’s the catch: I will ONLY announce early releases to my newsletter friends first. So, GET ON LIST, you’ll get free updates and gift from me too!

    I just gave you 9 things that read old and why to avoid them. How about if YOU fill in the 10th thing to avoid in the comments below????? Come on, I know you have secrets to share…
    Original Publish Date: May 30, 2013

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