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  • How to look pretty when you forgot about taking care of yourself

    Looking beautiful is much about how YOU see yourself.

    Have you ever been so overwhelmed in what life offers you that you forgot about taking care of yourself? Or continue to put everyone else’s needs in front of yours?  

    Let’s help this reader look pretty again- we all deserve that! S.H.

    Q:Dear Sharon:  I need some serious advice. I have always been the plain Jane type, and have never really felt beautiful.

    I am 25 years old, I have two children and a wonderful husband. All my life I have worn nothing but jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers and or sandals. I have also had the same hairstyle all my life, aside from the color.

    I work for minimum wage and all the money I have goes to my children and bills. I have had the same clothes for the past eight years, and have never been really good with applying make-up. I just want to feel beautiful and have better self-esteem, but it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle.

    If you could help me with a great hairstyle, make-up advice, and tips on how to look pretty. I worry so much about maintaining my life and my kids that I forget about myself a lot. I see all these women out her who look beautiful and it makes me wonder why I can’t be beautiful too. (via Fashion Advice)

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     Oh sweetie, we have got to get you to put your oxygen mask on first! Albeit, a stylish one at that.

    You can’t be there for others until you can be there for yourself.

    You matter.

    You matter just as much as your babies, your husband, your bills, your life that gets in the way of you taking care of yourself and feeling good about YOU.

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” says Theodore Roosevelt. And he wasn’t even a “great” beauty… wink, wink.

     No one, well, almost no one gets their gorgeous on without a bit of believing that they can, that they deserve it, and feeling goddamn great about allowing it to happen.

     Don’t believe me? Go ask a supermodel. Cindy Crawford says, ”So much about looking good is self-confidence and how you feel.” Ahmen.

    It’s not money, that matters. It’s YOU who matters. Obey the YOU in taking care of yourself.

    Listen, models, celebrities, that expert who knows when the camera is on… don’t roll out of bed that way. But when they roll, they roll like nobody’s business.

    You can too with the committment to make the effort to make the most of what you’ve got.

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    YOU ARE HEREWe all have days or even times in our life when we just don’t have the second to get it together, even me. But when it’s time to leave the house, you gotta know how to get it together and allow yourself the moment to get there.

    YOU ARE HERE: If you want FREE stylist advice, well, you’ve come to the right place here at FocusOnStyle.

    My archives are overflowing with content since 1999. Get on the, also, free newsletter, and you will be on the list for special offers and won’t miss one stylish tip. Follow the cheap chic tips, and ways to save via my discount designer style tips. You can get beauty advice and hairstyle tips. But if you don’t take a few minutes every day to make time for YOU to matter, IT doesn’t matter.

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    FORGET YOU NOT: Make a vow to spend ten minutes on yourself everyday. A few minutes to put on mascara, a fast face, a quick run of the blow dryer, and maybe even a spirited stretch or burst of exercise.  Jeans and T-shirts are fine, make the next pair a pair that flatters.  When you buy your next pair of sneakers, find a pair you love and NOT those boxy, fugly numbers. It’s all about choices. The next time you get a haircut, take a photo of a hairstyle you love with you. CHOOSE YOU.

    Make the effort to commit to pretty and you will be.

    Each and every one of us is beautiful in our very own special & unique way. Sometimes it takes the self-love to put the polish on it.

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