How To Make Your Outfit More Interesting With These 5 Tricks

It’s that time of the season when we all want a little fashion boost and not quite sure how to get it. Sure, as of this post, there are plenty of things on sale to add a pop to your wardrobe, but sometimes we find newness in the details of how we style ourselves.

I was on a One-on-One call with a business style coaching client the other day and as we were virtually going through her closet, we discovered so many varied ways to wear the “same” things she was more than comfortable wearing (or sick of), and she suddenly became alive when we freshened up wardrobe with just a few easy styling hacks. So I thought I would share…

5 ways to make your outfit more interesting without buying a thing

Whether you are looking to up your personal or professional style, or if you are a work from home entrepreneur, you’ll want to take note of these easy to implement updates.


perfect white shirt jcrew

1. Play with your cuff- Roll, double scrunch, undo, you get it. It not only looks like you took an extra step to look different, it also works as a great way to highlight minimal jewelry. (Shirt pictured from J.Crew)


banana republic belted jacket

2. Belt your jacket or coat- You don’t even know how flattering this looks until you try it! Unless your jacket is over-sized, take any sturdy belt and adjust it at your waist while trying to create a bell shape below. (Jacket shown by Banana Republic)

splendidLong Sleeve Split Back Tee

3. Half tuck your shirt- As featured above, half un-tucking your shirt (skip this one for when an event calls for formality), is a great trick for partially hiding curves and boasts a carefree yet studied sense of confidence. (Top shown by Splendid)


fatique shirt jcrew

4. Undo a button- Unless it’s a peter pan collar, let loose and undo the top two buttons of your blouse (depending on where the split hits). Add a micro layer underneath for interest. (Fatigue shirt by J.Crew)



5. Pop your collar- While it may bring to mind 80’s yuppies, that cliche doesn’t hold true if you use it to your advantage. Play with your collar or lapel to also get a little bit of an off-handed, relaxed attitude. It not only get’s a second look, it also doubles to frame the face. (Perfect Embroidered Shirt by J. Crew pictured).

Still struggling to find your way?

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Lead Images: J.Crew, Banana Republic