What to wear now? Look at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 runways to tweak your chic

It’s been quite the week of running around with New York Fashion Week, tons of media interviews, and some restaffing.

If you are following me on social media (my handle is @focusonstyle), and I hope you are, you’ve seen some behind the scenes snaps and comments of my week.

One of my favorite Fashion Week pit stops was the Donna Karan Urban Zen presentation that harkened classic Donna design… think draping.

donna karan-urban-zen-sp17There was lot’s of fashiony inspiration.

Naveed wrote it up so you can get an idea of what trends to wear now to incorporate into your wardrobe. Have a read, let me know what you think. — S.H.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2017- How To Incorporate The Top Four Trends Into Your Wardrobe Now

Minus the fact that almost every show was styled with simple, exposed bra tops, there were plenty of great ideas to take in and incorporate into your wardrobe for the real world – not, the runways. It’s truly as simple as taking what you see here and combing your closet for look-a-likes to update your look – so, what are you waiting for?

Sure, maybe you don’t really pay attention to runways, but no matter what, you should care about presenting yourself in a modern, relevant manner. And it’s fun when you get the hang of it.

By dressing like the supreme, sharp, self-assured woman you aspire to be, you are motivating and empowering yourself to actually become that woman. – Rachel Roy, designer

Trust me, there’s research that proves that IT DOES matter how you look. But that doesn’t mean you need to pick up a timely new burden.

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Especially since I looked at 1,000+ looks over the week to create this quick go-to list to boost your look without the effort of having to look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here’s the best from New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 to give a go…

Different Exposure-


Seen at: Rosetta Getty(aove), Self-Portrait, Katie Gallagher

Make it yours: Cleavage baring clothing is long gone, oh, and so are super short hemlines – thank god! For a more grown up take on keeping cool, designers sent out smart options that exposed either the back or shoulders in genius ways never before seen. And the best thing that can be said for showing off your back or neckline is that almost everybody has a great back!

Modern Ruffles-


Seen at: Co(above, right), Karen Walker, Delpozo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Adam Lippes, Ryan Roche (above, left)

Make it yours: With every girl in town wearing off-the-shoulder ruffles this past summer, it was refreshing to see ruffles making the rounds for Spring ’17 that were far from boho. Make the trend yours with unexpected placements, scales and by keeping the look edgy, you’ll be far from appearing overly girly.

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Disco Dolly-


Seen at: Area, Co, Marc Jacobs

Make it yours: Though Marc Jacobs closed #NYFW with an electric ode to NYC during the disco/rave era’s, the theme looks a tad too literal for real, everyday life. Which is precisely why the two iridescent looks above from Sies Marjan(left) and Victoria Beckham(right) work so well as they add a sense of play to otherwise straight forward silhouettes. Look for hues that are soothing rather than jarring to get the most wear possible.

Quirky and Classic Embroidery-


Seen at: Jonathon Simkhai(above), Sally La Pointe, Anna Sui, Coach 1941, Marc Jacobs

Make it yours: As lace and embroideries evoke warm summer days and are quintessential to the season, the unexpected placement and scales we saw over the week made for refreshing alternatives to twee warm weather garb, and they also added a little fun to an otherwise no-nonsense season. Keep it grown up with tonal patterns and patches.

Get A Leg Up!

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