How to Plan and What to Wear to a Holiday Party at Home- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 18

We hope not!

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Sharon & Brad share style tips and wacky stories about Holiday House Parties- how to throw them, what to wear, and what NOT to do.

From planning a holiday house party to what to do about obnoxious guests, Sharon Haver & Brad Boles dish on what it takes to haave fun and never be the hideous guest from hell at a Christmas house party.

They’ll also share fashion tips on what to wear to the party too.

Watch How to Plan and What to Wear to a Holiday Party at Home- Impromptu Madness w/ Sharon Haver & Brad Boles, Episode 18:

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Video Fashion Tips, Party Planning Advice & Guest Etiquette:

  • Are you planning a more casual and laid back holiday party or one that is more over the top?
  • For a casual Christmas party at someone’s home, most guests wear dark jeans and a very dressy top… fabulous, of course!
  • What to do you with that drunk guest? It better not be YOU.
  • To keep the flow try to suggest that people arrive at about the same time- stragglers can ruin the socializing vibe.
Don't let this be you! NYC Dangers of Excessive Drinking Media Campaign 2010
Don’t let this be you! NYC Dangers of Excessive Drinking Media Campaign 2010
  • Try to organize a small group of guests who enhance each other’s personalities.
  • If you are not sure what to wear or what to bring, as on any occassion, just ask the host.
  • If the weather is horrible, you don’t want to trudge around in stilettos- work an outfit to the night’s weather with weather appropriate boots and a dressy top.
  • If the party is very formal, bring a change of shoes to tzuj up with once you get inside.
  • Both Sharon & Brad find it very annoying to make your guests take their shoes off at the dooor unless you provide slippers. Think about cruddy pedicures, ripped socks, stinky feet, and ruining the line of your outfit… no one wants to be surprised .
  • Don’t linger in the bathroom and hog it up for other guests… whatever you need to do in there can be done rather efficiently, we know.
  • Don’t wander into parts of the house that are not within the bounds of the party… it’s tempting but very rude.
  • Guest Etiquette
  • What to do with the drunk guest when it’s time for them to go…
  • Call them a car service.
  • The person who invited them is responsible.
  • Give them coffee and let them know that it is time to leave.
    Don’t smoke in the hallways of apartment houses- it stinks up the rest of the building!
  • When you are playing DJ, the music should be loud enough that people can easily hear each other speak in a close conversation. Pump up the volume for dancing later.
    City or country, for a laid back holiday party at home, you are always best with sophisticated sportswear, good pieces mixed with something special.
  • No matter what, avoid embellished holiday sweaters and an hokey holiday wardobe item… be chic not chintzy.
  • Have fun… it is a party but don’t go overboard!

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Sharon is wearing a Yves Saint Laurent dress, with a combination of YSL and Forever 21 bracelets & her Hermes watch and bracelet, her own of course.

Sharon Haver is the founder and editor in chief of Brad Boles is the editor at large and also a reappearing cast member and Jill Zarin‘s gay husband on The Real Housewives of New York City

Original Publish Date:  Dec 1, 2010