Killer Heels, maybe my husband was right

Walk don’t run (in those shoes) to Killer Heels, shoe lust for your soul

I’m a confirmed shoe addict.

Don’t believe me, here’s a tidbit conversation with my husband while we were on the way to see The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe at the Brooklyn Museum.

Scene One: Sunday drive to the museum

Husband: Which exhibition are we going to?

Me: Shoes

Husband: Can’t you just look in your closet?

Well, err, he was sort of right.

One of my favorite pair of shoes were on display at the exhibition; you can see why I got them here.

Ok, so it’s a version of my Nicholas Kirkwood wedges with the kooky architectural heel but a slightly different upper. And, they are killer heels in the literal trickery way in that they’re super comfy for a half hour and then at odds with my feet for the rest of the night. I digress, but took a quick snap of them alongside the book from the exhibition which is a fab holiday gift.

 my kirkwood

As far as seeing another familiar shoe at the exhibition,  the rainbow and gold Ferragamo wedges from 1938, pictured at top, are a pair that I have been lusting over since I first saw them years ago. Back in my silk scarf wearing days, I purchased a Ferragamo scarf that had those shoes in the pattern. Close enough.

killer shoes 1

The more than 160 historical and contemporary heels range from the outlandish (Lady Gaga’s boots) to the more simple (Marilyn Monroe‘s classic black Ferragamo pumps) to the Italian chopine from 1560, pictured below.

Italian. Chopine, 1550–1650

Alongside the shoes, are six specially commissioned short films about shoes, along with some golden oldies including one with Bette Paige. It’s a delightful exhibition about almost everyone’s favorite closet fix. Right now, I’m still pretty obsessed with the book, so back to drooling over Killer Heels.

killer shoes 2

 Visit Killer Heels:


September 10, 2014–February 15, 2015
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Photos: Brooklyn Museum, FocusOnStyle

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