How to Prevent a Bad Haircut and Horrible Color

How to prevent a bad haircut

We’ve all had a bad haircut & hideous color, and this time I was the unlucky receiver of a hairstylist having a VERY bad day!

I turned to Gad Cohen for some advice to help YOU avoid having a bad hair day.

Gad and I go way back. When I was a stylist, Gad’s partner at the time, Francois Valle, was my agent, and we all shared not only many photo shoots together, but also the gift of friendship. Gad will be joining FocusOnStyle as a Contributor. Please welcome him on his first post as he shares some very important tips on how to avoid getting a bad haircut.   S.H.

How do you correct a bad haircut?
When I have a client with a bad haircut, I will cut to preserve shape more than length, which has most likely already been compromised. Most of the time I can salvage a bad haircut by giving it shape. Sometimes it cannot be corrected – it’s like making a dress with no fabric; until the hair grows back, it’s impossible. With enough length, though, I can reshape the cut into a more flattering look, better fitting my client’s face shape and body.

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How to correct bad color?
Color correction is a common thing, but it is often more costly than getting color done in the first place. If the color is too light, I will add low lights to avoid washing out the skin tones. Hair that’s been dyed too dark will need lightening – calibrating – to achieve the optimal hue. The goal is always to make the hair look natural, while achieving the color that the client originally wanted. Color corrective work may take time, and money, but it’s possible. I never recommend that a client attempt to correct hair color at home – it is always best to seek out the help of a professional.

How to prevent bad cut &/or color?
Do your homework! Cut pictures out of magazines of cuts you like – have several consultations with different stylists and go to the one who will aspire to help you look your best. The stylist that is right for you will adapt looks from a magazine to suit your face shape, hair type and lifestyle. Preventing the wrong color also requires you to do some research. Ask your friends (whose hair colors you like, of course) where they had it done – be bold! Go with a recommended stylist, one who will give you the color that not only suites your taste, but is right for your skin tones as well!

How to grow out hair?
Certain hair cuts are geared to growing your hair out, so don’t be afraid to consult a professional! Just because you want to grow it out doesn’t mean that you should avoid your stylist’s scissors. It’s important to get your hair trimmed throughout the growing-out process. Don’t neglect to get  to get your hair shaped throughout the growing-out process, so that you maintain style and enjoy each stage until you achieve your aspirational look. Your stylist will most like only trim certain sections of the hair, to maintain a decent shape and to tame the ends. While you’re growing it out, wear your hair an up-sweep or pony tail; if it suits you, you can tuck hair behind your ears. –Gad Cohen


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  1. Bringing magazine pictures with you definitely does help.  The stylist will understand what you mean by ‘highlights’ or ‘red’ or ‘short’…whatever it is that you want.

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