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  • How To Pull Off A Summer Straw Hat


    It may seem simple, but sometimes how to wear a straw hat with style can get a little tricky

    Every once in a while there is a fashion accessory that seems so easy yet becomes impossible for many women to stylishly pull off. The cute summer straw hat is today’s fashion conundrum, SOLVED.

    Effortless and breezy straw Panana hats, raffia fedoras, a feminine take on a classic trilby, a vintage boater, and the 70’s-esque straw floppy hat are all on trend this summer. Just look at the two adorable ones, above, from shopbop.

    Eugenia Kim – Max Raffia Fedora at shopbop

    Cute straw hats are a blessing for a bad hair day, add a quick bit of elan to a summery daytime outfit– whether city or beach– and, are a fantastic way to keep a little cooling shade on your face, so how can it go wrong?

    Over thinking, over styling, and a bad fit for starters.

    Instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s clue in on how to get it right.

    • First off, call me old fashioned, but a floppy straw hat is a beachy daytime accessory. A more structured style, like a raffia fedora, will look just fine for a casual night out.
    • The look is simple and easy and so should your hair and makeup. Keep to a more natural fresh face and simple, yet more undone looking hair to keep the effortless vibe.
    • The hat should easily fit the top of your head with enough room to be able to angle it a bit or tilt to the front. Basically, a straw hat should help protect your face from the sun, so avoid wearing it on the back of your head like an extra from a bad 80’s music video.
    • The style of the hat should both flatter your face shape and be in proportion with your frame. A smaller scale hat is more flattering on a petite women and a fuller figure is better balanced with a wider brim.
    • All straw colors are not created equal, and just like choosing the right shade of foundation, select the best shade of straw to flatter your skin tone.

    All in all, summer straw hat is the rare accessory that is both fashionable and functional, so stay cool in the shade and look fab!

    Shop some of these cute summer straw hats:

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