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  • Cannes Do Chic! How to Wear a White Top and Black Bottom for Elegant Accessible Style

    Jessica Miller at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Le Passe" ("The Past") Premiere

    You know how I love Cannes for high fashion inspiration that makes luscious, elegant, and real sense in all of our wardrobes. Join FocusOnStyle as we continue to explore the best of Cannes Do Chic to help you get it together with ease.

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: A crisp + chic white button down shirt on the red carpet? Absolument, mon cherie.

    And for real life too, learning how to wear a white top and black bottom is one of the easiest, most flattering style tricks you can master! Discover the possibilities:

    Simple. Easy. Unfettered & accessible style. And long before today’s starlets went mad for Louis Vuitton’s mod homage to graphic inspired black & white optical combos for spring 2013, the simple sophistication of black & white pairings has remained a shortcut to serious style for nearly a century with a bevy of iconic beauty’s making the look their signature.

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    From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn to Carolina Herrera, black and white sophistication has stood the test of time when done well and judging by many of the recent looks at Cannes, the timeless duo is set for a big return.

     What to look for now, and why it works below:

    • A crisp white blouse along with a series of unadorned, simple options in an array of must-have styles from simple tee’s to ruffled tops
    • The same goes for black bottoms as having your bases covered allows for you to have as many practical options on hand as you can
    • When it comes to items this classic, go for fuss free and well made as these should become closet constants you can truly rely on
    • As this duo works as a blank canvas for accessories and layers, think about adding a splash of color and a flash of skin with heels and metallic extras
    • What’s more is that this combo allows for freedom, but calls for a somber yield so stick to elegant hair and make-up for balance
    • The one thing that will set you back is an improper fit, so head to the tailor to make it work wonders
    Jessica Miller in Dolce & Gabbana

    Jessica Miller in Dolce & Gabbana

    Channeling regal sophistication while checking off minimal elegance, Jessica Miller radiates in a Dolce & Gabbana sequined mermaid hem skirt paired with a standard white blouse.

    As black and white calls for clean lines while boasting a bountiful versatility, formal looks in these hues are sure to be a safe bet as they’ll never go out of style if you look for pieces this classic. That way you’ll ensure you get the most for your money. And the most wear for it too.

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    French actress Aure Atika gestures

    French actress Aure Atika gestures

    Aure Atika makes a case for a classic black knee-length pencil skirt by pairing it with a billowy white boatneck top and matte metallic sandals for a look that conjures a bombshell beauty without much fuss.

    By finding a proper fit that works for her shape, the French actress reminds us of the versatility of black & white combinations as we could see this smart ensemble working magic at many an event. From weddings to gallery openings to dinner parties, you name it, a well-fitting combo like this will serve you well.

    Zoe Saldana

    Zoe Saldana

    In classic black, red & white, Zoe Saldana strikes a chord with fashion’s return to the ultimate combo as this is one color story we’ve seen return and evolve over the past few seasons.

    What looks fresh here is the way her look makes use of the mix & match trend with full on plays of silhouette and pattern in a sexy, body defining manner. And while the ease of black & white dressing is one tried & true go-to, kudos to Saldana for taking the trend on with a challenge in mind. The look above required careful consideration that paid off brilliantly.

    Chinese actress Sammi Cheng

    Chinese actress Sammi Cheng

    In a black overcoat toughened with leather panels worn over a white blouse and abbreviated trousers, and punctuated with masculine boots and a substantial pendant, actress Sammi Cheng’s look is decidedly edgy.


    What works here is an eye for well-balanced proportion and a studied play on attitude as her posture, hair and coat thrown over her shoulders all evoke a confident stance. Most of all, her ensemble works to make her look leaner and taller -something to take note of any season. –Sharon Haver + Naveed Hussain

    How do you incorporate simple pairing of black + white into your wardrobe?

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