Stylist Advice- What to wear with a peplum top

Zhang Ziyi at Cannes opening night

Peplum pairings… what has become a favorite silhouette in many wardrobes can still be perplexing when it comes to deciding on what to wear with a peplum top. Let’s solve that…

qDear Sharon:  I recently purchased a sheer lace peplum top.

Because of the fabric and two-toned colors that is has I’m stumped on what to wear it with. I was thinking stripe shorts but I’m not sure if stripes will flatter my figure. (K.J. via Fashion Advice?

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It’s peplum pairings time! The feminine silhouette can go girly cutesy or super chic, depending on what you wear with it.

Sanctuary Vintage Lace Peplum Top
Sanctuary Vintage Lace Peplum Top at Nordstrom

Let’s tackle the bareness first, either strapless and oozing with Cannes Do Chic like Zhang Ziyi, above,  on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival or sheer lace, like this Sanctuary Vintage Lace Peplum Top pictured right, there are a variety of ways to go from dressy, daytime chic to super casual.

My personal favorite to wear with a peplum is the simplicity of a cropped Audrey pant like Zhang Ziyi is wearing.

The clean, long lines of the pants let the flounce of the peplum be an elegant focal point without creating too much competing design noise.

For a very summery day, I like the idea of a longer short,  like slim Bermudas, to balance the fluffiness of the peplum.

Keep it tonal with a muted print or  a solid. Only the very young can pull off the girliness of short shorts and a peplum top.

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For a more casual vibe, try a light wash jean. Be daring with a bold floral skirt or mimic a dress with a muted pencil skirt.

As far as wearing striped shorts to flatter your figure, since I have no idea what your shape is, the best  can say is go with your gut if you are unsure and scrap the idea.

Are YOU rocking peplums in your wardrobe? How do you style the look. Please share in the comments below.

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