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  • What to wear on vacation in a city? Jennifer Aniston has really easy travel style

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Classic style that’s fit for city touring

    We know you don’t want to look like a tourist, that’s for sure! But what to pack and what to wear on vacation in a city can be problematic if you don’t simplify it.

    Nothing can be easier than what Jennifer Anniston is wearing while strolling in Paris with beau Justin Theroux.

    Her outfit may not be head turning to a diehard fashionista, but it is elegant, rich, and true to the classic, clean chic style that flatters her. And, as far as I’m concerned, EXTREMELY wearable for most of us!

    The right blazer can go from casual to more dressed up, like this alice + olivia  Camio Puff Sleeve Blazer

    The right blazer can go from casual to more dressed up, like this alice + olivia Camio Puff Sleeve Blazer

    I always say that style is a lot like cooking, if you don’t have the best ingredients, it won’t be that tasty.   Let’s consider  the ingredients to Jennifer Aniston’s city vacation style:

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    It starts with the right jacket that can dress up casual, like right her, or complement a sundress for dinner, and then go to a business meeting if that’s on your agenda. A modern take on old school gold buttons does the trick.

    A simple and snug white T-shirt is full on sexy in a girl next door way… hum, that sound’s like Jennifer’s style. Try a looser fit if you are less than taught. Plus, they are easy to wash and can dress up a pencil skirt and heels for dinner. Substitute a crisp white shirt, if you like.

    >>MORE about scarves

     A big Euro scarf. Carry it. Wrap it. Wear it loose or wear it tight when it gets chilly.  Scarves are a versatile finishing layer to travel style.

    Jennifer Aniston wore a brown leather Tom Ford Jennifer bag with gold zipper details but if you are not as lucky to have an eponymous handbag, I’d go for a classic investment bag.

    More classic by way of streamlined white stylish sneakers and not some athletic clunker, but you know that. Right?

    A pair of signature aviator sunglasses completes the can’t miss look.

    Now you have your ticket to style and certainly should have the tips on what to wear on vacation in a city. Bon voyage!



    Photo:via Tom Ford

    Original Publish Date: June 30th 2012

    Published on June 30, 2012

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