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  • Cheap Chic Stylist Advice: Is fast fashion the end of good taste?

    Is fast fashion the end of good taste?

    Sometimes less is not more when it comes to a price tag.

    As I’m sitting outside on what is a very warm day, all I can see is a sea of fashionista fiascos: Ill-fitting maxi dresses that can passoff as nightgowns, garish prints, short shorts and rompers on girls both too old and too out of shape to publicly prance around with their rears hanging out, jersey body-con dresses clinging in a way that even the Shore-ettes would think was cheesy, pastel sheers that look like a shower curtain from Great Aunt Tilly’s trailer, and the de rigueur touch of polyester neon (sorry, you shouldn’t wear fabric that looks like it would smell!).


    Yet, I’m sure that every fashionista fiasco squealed, “this is so cute” when she found her cheap chic “score.”

    How could someone not get excited when they are looking at $12.99 price tag?

    However, just because something super trendy is a bargain does it mean that the fad is right for YOU?

    Just sayin’ that if the same piece of cheesy crap cost more, there wouldn’t be so many unflattering fashion disasters. People would actually THINK before they buy. And just like recently reported, American’s now spend less than ever on new clothes but also own more than ever, and quality over quantity will always matter most.

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    If you are someone who is seduced by seeing a photo of a celebutard in something trendy and the kind of person who is influenced by aspirational pulp culture, eventually you could get sucked into the “mah-jor” deal and all cultivated wisdom goes out the window when the trendy fever takes over taste.

    It happens to the best of us.

    But just like a sugar-coated jelly doughnut, maybe you should gobble up every few years simply so you remember how horrible you feel after polishing it off.

    I’m not being a price snob. I’m trying to have YOU not be influenced by the manufactured trendy twaddle that’s perpetuated to have you buy more and more and more disposable fast fashion.

    Yes, I too have been on both sides.

    I have worn earrings the size of a toaster oven and a Crayola color sweatshirt dress back in the day… trendy happens to us all, even once in a while. It’s better to be open than rigid in your style choices.

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    HOWEVER,  the next time you get suckered into purchasing a cheap trend that may not be the most flattering on you, think to yourself, “Would I wear this get-up if it cost $100 more?”

    If the answer, is yes, that’s great– you’ve found a fabulous score. If it’s not so much, well, you saved yourself (and some money) from being part of the trendy fashion sheep.

    "Do you think this neon bodycon number makes me look fat?"

    "Do you think this neon body-con number makes me look fat?"

    Don’t forget that if something is “in,” it does mean it should be in YOUR wardrobe… it’s all the mix and blending with discretion -Buy smart.

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