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  • Trend Tuesday – Varsity Blues Inspired by Jil Sander Pre-Fall

    Varsity Prep at Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2013

    With fashion cycling through the classics comes one of our favorite returns, the varsity inspired trend we’ve seen from some of our go-to labels

    Take Raf Simon’s Pre-Fall collection for Jil Sander as your starting point with its wide range of ultra-deluxe classics peppered with the labels initials. Placed on structured basics with a retro elegance, the theme loses its ironic tendencies for a look that’s fresh. The winning trick here was that these pieces have an ageless sophistication to them while the preppy notes lend each look a graphic twist.

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    How could something so novel work on just about anyone of any age?

    Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2012

    For starters, each piece boasts a ladylike shape that instantly tosses any collegiate associations by the wayside while offering a bit of the new to your daily uniform. And although varsity jackets have been quite the rage for the past few seasons, we’re getting into the more thoughtful and elegantly executed iterations we’ve seen as of late.

    SHOPPING GUIDES: Women’s Fashion

    What to look for?

    • Keep your eye out for unexpected, exaggeratedly ladylike shapes
    • Consider sturdy fabrications a key-note as they lend the theme a fashion-forward vibe
    • Jewel tones like those from Jil Sander also add a remarkable shift to the trend
    • While our favorite pieces can be dressed up & down, we suggest going more formal when pairing collegiate inspired garments
    • Avoid distressed elements -that moment is over for now

    Consider these Varsity inspired finds online now:

    Photos: Jil Sander

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