Is your personal brand marketing a snooze fest?

Entrepreneur Friends, This could be the missing link to why they’re not paying attention to your personal brand marketing!

Come along with me to New York’s Chelsea Market to find out why and how to stop it.

Did you ever think that this could be the very reason your audience is tuning out?

This topic came up a few times this week in conversations with entrepreneurs and coaches so I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

  • Your content is good.
  • You have expertise for days.
  • You know your shizzle better than anyone else.

But you’re not getting the attention and conversion you want for from social media and ads.

If you are constantly seen in the same place, in the same set up, with the same photo your audience will tune out.

As first sight how you show up can be boring.

At second look your audience thinks they saw that from you before as it looks pretty much the same as everything else from you.

So they tune out.

What you want to do is:

1) Be Authentic
2) Be Interesting
3) Shake It Up A Bit

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You wont be boring anymore.

Video Transcription

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Hey, if you’re doing all these videos

and you’re doing all these photos

and you’re just not
connecting with your tribe

and you wanna stand out,

you’re gonna wanna watch this.

I promise.

[people chatting]
I’m going for shrimp.

What do you think?

Hello, hello.

Hello from the fish market,

from the Chelsea fish market.

So I wanted to come in
because I had this happen

about three or four times
in the last few days.

I think it can help you out, too.

So if you’re an entrepreneur
or a business coach,

or somebody who is actually
online and social media

with your photos, with your
videos, with whatever it is,

and you are doing great stuff

but you’re doing either one of two things.

You’re either sitting in the same spot

all the time in your
office going live, boring.

Or you’re doing these
really fake stage settings

that people that know you don’t
look like that in real life.

Like I didn’t do my hair today

and it’s like dudes, I’m here, you know.

So you gotta kind of find a way

to take people with you for the ride.

So I was talking to
someone who is super smart

and super intelligent and
really knows his stuff,

and we were kind of going
in some like onboarding

and he was trying to figure out why

he wasn’t getting the traction

he wanted to get when
he was working so hard.

And one of the reasons is

it’s ’cause he’s sitting in
the same spot all the time.

And then also I was speaking
to a woman who was very smart,

she’s a expert in a more
business end of social media.

And I was just trying to figure out

why do people turn it off all the time?

And it’s ’cause she’s always
sitting in the same spot

in her same beige office,
it becomes boring.

People wanna see who you
are, what you’re about.

Just like a reality TV show,

they wanna know what’s
happening, where you’re going,

what you’re doing.

And you can take them with you to do that,

that is how you make the connection.

That is how you do everything.

Same way the Kardashians
started out by being vulnerable.

You don’t have to be
like crying vulnerable

like you’re an emoji,

but just show people what you’re at.

You’re vulnerable, you’re
having a like chicken hair day,

whatever it is.

But you know your stuff,
you’re taking them with you

and you’re making it that
much more interesting, okay?

How does that sound?

If you wanna know more
about this and how to do it

to set yourself up on
a brand and business,

I invite you to, chicken hair.

No, I invite you to join me

It’s a free five-day challenge,

it’s gonna set you up
to where you need to go

so you can create, you can connect,

and you can be anything but boring.

‘Cause boring, baby,
does not make you money.

And I know you’re out there for business

not ’cause you wanna be only cool,

but because you wanna be able

to have cool clients who love you,

respect you, and want more from you.

See you at

We’re getting some snacks for dinner,

some stuff for dinner,
in the Italian market.

The way they put the store together,

making it so nice and appealing,

always want you to buy more.

Think about it, the same time
that you’re putting stuff

up on your website, you’re making offers,

you’re doing your social media,

how much more interesting can you make it?

How much more interesting can you make it

that it’s so much more
inviting that not only

does it get the attention of people,

makes them wanna buy more.

Just a thought.

Probably not the best place to be

when you’re avoiding carbs.

They do have really good pasta here.

Italian almond milk, Senza Zucchero.

Always like Senza Zucchero, without sugar.

– [Male] See what they have
over there as far as prosciutto.

– [Female] You wanna get prosciutto?

– [Male] The sliced.

– [Female] The fresh?

Here’s a bull upside down on the floor.

It’s ’cause it’s bullsit.

I feel like I should start a hashtag,

chicken hair, don’t care.

What do you think?

Chicken hair, don’t care.

[energetic smooth music]

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