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  • Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out There! Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand!

    How To Get Out There And Not be Self-Conscious

    One of the biggest social media strategies I can tell you is: Don’t be afraid to get out there (literally)!

    Bust through the fear factor and be seen to grow your brand.

    WATCH: 🎈⭐️💵Entrepreneurs: How To Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand!
    (And yes, I’m actually on a crowded street after a visit to my PT with The Empire State Building behind me)

    You wonder, how the heck did getting in FRONT of a camera ever have anything to do with being a entrepreneuer, solopreneur, coach, consultant, or anyone who represents their business.

    Fair enough question- you’re not a model or actor so why should you have to know how to be camera-friendly.

    BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOUR AUDIENCE BONDS WITH YOU. Studies show that it take’s 1/10th of a second for someone to form an opinion of your based on your photo.

    📸 You need a sh*t ton of photos for social media, your website, promotion, book covers, you name it.

    We live in a VISUAL WORLD now.

    Not getting out there because you feel uncomfortable “posing” is actually hurting your business.

    Take it to the streets, my friend. Get out there, show who you are and what you’re about.

    The actual activity of doing just that will help you be more NATURAL on camera.

    If you feel self-conscious because you think everyone is watching you, don’t be.

    Celebrities, influencers, and probably your completion is one step ahead of you and doing it.

    Keep in mind, they don’t pay attention when you’re out there with your phone filming or taking an elevated selfie. But they do pay attention when you don’t…

    …because you simply won’t be out there bringing in the bacon.

    Break the fear factor with me!

    Learn how to present yourself on camera to attract your most profitable audience by simply being you!

    The 5-Day Mini Course it Free!

    🎯Join me at

    You’ll create a library of photo assets that you can use over and over without stressing out.

    See you at

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hey hey hey, hey hey hey.

    If you’re feeling camera shy

    and you’re not quite feeling up to snuff

    when you wanna take your
    photos or videos on your own,

    you’re gonna wanna watch this.

    I got something for you.

    But first, can you see?

    That’s the Empire State Building.

    So I’m gonna tell you what to do

    when you’re in a crowded street like this,

    in New York with the Empire
    State Building behind you

    and you’re nervous with videos.

    Stay tuned!

    [crowds talking]
    Hey if you’re nervous about taking videos

    and you feel like
    everybody’s looking at you

    so you end up doing all your photos

    and all your videos and all
    your social media stuff inside,

    well here’s a heads up.

    Nobody is paying attention to you.

    Really, you might feel crazy.

    You might feel like you’re
    a crazy woman talking

    to yourself on the street.

    Believe me, no one is
    paying attention to you.

    If you look at what all
    the influencers are doing,

    what celebrities are doing,

    what people who are
    captivating your attention,

    what you’ll see is they’re
    taking you for the ride along

    where they are right now.

    They’re not sitting in their office

    in a very still straight to
    camera shot in all their photos,

    in all their videos.

    They’re actually being
    alive and out there.

    So when this makes you
    feel a little bit nervous,

    keep in mind that
    there’s an added benefit.

    The added benefit is once you’re outside,

    once you’re doing something

    and you’re not focused
    on taking your photo,

    you’re not focused on talking on camera,

    but you’re actually showing
    people where you are rather

    than telling them, you remove
    a layer of nervousness.

    You remove a layer of self-consciousness.

    Because you’re doing
    something, you’re out there.


    So it’s so much easier.

    If you wanna learn more
    about these super easy tips

    on how to connect with your audience,

    build your tribe, make the internet,

    your social media your
    own personal reality show,

    so you don’t bore people to
    death and get their attention

    and attention is what sells

    so you can attract that audience
    because like meets like.

    I want you to go over to,

    join me there, it’s a
    free five day challenge

    and I’ll show you how to set
    yourself up in your best shots,

    where you are with what
    you have, on the go

    or even at home, even in a
    photo studio in you want.


    See you there.

    Now I’ve gotta go buy something.

    You see?

    In the sporting good store.

    See you later.


    Think I should get an
    orange yoga strap, right?

    It’s just kind of ugly.



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