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  • Jane Birkin, bags a new album

    Jane Birkin

    So sorry, couldn’t resist that Googly pun…

    Most fresh-faced fashionistas associate the British-born French singer and actress Jane Birkin solely as the muse for the iconic Hermes Birkin bag.

    And, perhaps, as the mother of modern muse and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, from her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, or her other daughter actress, model, and designer of her eponymous Lee Cooper denim collection, Lou Doillon, from her relationship with Jacques Doillon. That’s a whole lot of French chic pop culture namedropping, which is what makes Birkin’s new autobiogrphical album, Enfants d’Hiver a Francophile must-have.

    As reported in today’s The New York Times, her first fashion collaboration since the Hermes Birkin bag will be a cashmere, V-neck sweater produced by Lutz & Patmos that will be released this March. As Birkin is quoted in the NYT, “To have the softest material in the worldand wear it for 10-years — that’s my idea of heaven.” As I write cuddled in one of my L&P cardigans, how true.

    Listen: Enfants d’Hiver

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