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  • How to Wear It Week! Everyday Mom Chic: Julianne Moore gets how to wear a cute summer hat and not look like a run of the mill hipster

    Julianne Moore at LAX wearing Hat Attack’s Julia floppy fedora.

    This week’s summer spotlight is How to Wear It Week. Let’s look at this favorite post about wearing a summer hat with élan.

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: A cute summer hat that’s classic and chic with easy, non affected summer style

    Hipster hats are really ironic.

    Afterall, the hipster style point of view for wearing a hat is to kinda look like an independent thinking progressive, anti-establishment cool dude. Yet, if everyone is running around wearing the same dang fedora, doesn’t that morph into looking like an über establishment conformist? Humm.

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    But, a nifty summer straw can be rather chic.

    Not to mention add a bit of protective shade. Just look at Julianne Moore wearing Hat Attack’s Julia floppy straw fedora with cord detail for a realistic take on everyday mom chic.

    The hat fits just right- not too small and not too floopy. It sits perfectly atop her head, slightly above her eyes, just where it should. And those big sunnies add some drama and some celebrity incognito élan. Perfecto…

    Photo: HatAttack

    Original Publish Date: June 28th 2012

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