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  • How to Wear It Week! What to wear with an off-the-shoulder dress

    Marc Jacobs Off-The-Shoulder Satin Dress

    This week’s summer spotlight is How to Wear It Week. Let’s look at a classic way to wear a summer standby.
    qI recently bought a black short, off-the-shoulder dress. It is body-hugging until the hips and then has a balloon skirt until the knees. I later realized on that I am not very comfortable wearing an off-shoulder style. Can you suggest a jacket type or coverup that I can wear with this dress and in what color or pattern?  (via Fashion Advice)

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    Humm, what makes you uncomfortable wearing an off the shoulder dress now that you liked so much when you bought the dress? It’s always best to try to fall out of love with something when you still have the option to return it.

    For many women, off the shoulder or “cold shoulder” styles that expose a bit of shoulder skin are a go-to item as your shoulders are one part of your body that almost always stays in shape.

    However, off the shoulder styles are best reserved with women with more square shoulders and not a soft shouldered and pear shape figure as the absence of coverage can make large hips look out of balance.

    That said, there are so many off the shoulder styles that it is difficult to suggest one universal style of coverup. It is difficult to find soothing that elegantly covers your neckline without getting a bunched look under your outer layer.

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    What can look rather chic and unexpected is to layer something UNDER your dress rather than over it. A crisp man tailored  white shirt worn under something feminine, like a black off the shoulder dress, creates an interesting mix of yin and yang without taking away from the dress itself.

    As far as a jacket goes, I’d also try to wear something more menswear-ish like a tuxedo or boyfriend jacket or a trench coat that has a bit of room to keep the dress layer falling right and has some unexpected and chic interest.

    A soft shawl or evening wrap is always a good coverup, although not very exciting.


    Pictured: Marc Jacobs Off The Shoulder Satin Dress at Saks.

    Original Publish Date: July 19th 2012

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