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  • How to wear a jumpsuit like Padma Lakshmi…

    Padma Lakshmi

    Q:How to wear a jumpsuit like Padma Lakshmi… Inspiration Board with stylist dress tips to add versatility to your wardrobe

    Stylist tips and Inspiration Board to add versatility to your wardrobe

    I’m really tempted to but a jumpsuit for summer but I’m not convinced that it would add much versatility to my wardrobe. I’m trying to watch my fashion purchases and only buy items that can be worn a few different way s to get more mileage out of them.


    There’s no doubt that jumpsuits are a very hot summer trend. You are absolutely right that a jumpsuit can be a one hit style wonder, but a strapless jumpsuit also can be a fantastic layering piece that acts as a launch point to completely update your wardrobe by adding umpteen styling variations, if you choose the right style of jumpsuit.

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    Just the other day Padma Lakshmi wore a mauve strapless jumpsuit on her way to her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, pictured.

    Padma chose a silky, wide leg jumpsuit, with more of a blouson drape around the waistband. She chose lightweight chandelier earrings and a slinky chain necklace to keep the look bare and to spotlight her gorgeous skin color.

    While her choose is fantastic on her, the very slightest style variation of a less slouchy top and a more neutral taupe color makes Padma’s jumpsuit absolutely versatile!

    A more tailored jumpsuit, yet still silky, as shown on our Inspiration Board, can be styled to take you from the office to a night out with the switch of a few pieces.

    The one thing that remains constant is your shoe color.

    Wearing a high heel shoe that is tonal in color to your jumpsuit will create a long-legged and slimmer silhouette than a contrasting color or flat.

    Inspiration Board for stylist solutions to add versatility to your strapless jumpsuit:

    Stella McCartney at ShopStyle

    For a more office appropriate look, try adding a cropped jacket, like the beautiful print one on our Inspiration Board. A wide belt in a tonal color worn over its drawstring waistband adds polish and makes the jumpsuit less overtly sexy. A layered necklace with contrasting stones adds interest, and the jacket’s geometric print also visually distracts from the bare look.

    Padma’s strapless neckline is straight across which can be difficult to pull off if you don’t have the strongest square shoulders. Strapless is easier to wear when it has a delicately ruched bodice. Then, you can steal a style tip from Yves St. Laurent! Pair a crisp white button down under your jumpsuit for a modern spin on a bustier top—so chic and unexpected! A tonal corset-laced wide belt in a tonal color completes the look.

    For another spin on masculine – feminine styling, try a cropped motorcycle jacket over your bare shoulders. Some layered and long necklaces are all else that you need. See, a strapless jumpsuit can be versatile when you style out of the box! –June 18, 2009

    Photographer of Padma Lakshmi:
    Janet Mayer / PR Photos


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