“The “One-Dress” that Angelina Jolie really wanted…”

Curated by Malcolm Harris, it’s the one-off dress with endless possibilities

The “One-Dress” that Angelina Jolie really wanted, curated by Malcolm Harris

You must have heard the volcanic gossip eruption about designer Malcolm Harris thinking that the multiple phone calls he received from Angelina Jolie were pranks. He hung up on her twice!

Well, wouldn’t you?

I would put them in the same class as my calls from Yoda and move on. However, I did pay attention to the tidbit, as our new "social friendship" is based on the suggestion of a mutually good friend. And, Malcolm‘s design concept is about the collaboration of a great social being.

The "One-Dress" is a genius of an idea, curated by Malcolm Harris, and yes bought in triplicate by Angelina Jolie. Just like my new social connection with Malcolm, women across the globe have been "collectively designing" the dress over an 18-month period via online social networks like Facebook, Myspace, ASmallWorld, and Twitter. The women shared their likes and dislikes in fabrics, colors, necklines, and silhouettes until the One-Dress was released with its endless styling possibilities.

"While it is cool to have a superstar like Angelina Jolie order the One-Dress, there is something even cooler about knowing that every day, hard working women can own the same exact dress without breaking the bank. In my opinion, all women are superstars," says Malcolm.

A portion of all profits of One-Dress will benefit Womankind Worldwide and KIVA.org. Do some good for your wardrobe and for charity, check out One-Dress for endless possibilities.

End Note: After Angelina explained that they are both participating in World Refugee Day on Saturday, Malcolm realized that she was the real deal.

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–June 19, 2009

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