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    Cool Newborn to Toddler Clothes for Your Favorite Little Punk

    Get your face out of that scrunch! Yes, it’s the return of green eyeshadow and you will love it.

    For those who find the irony of The Osbournes way more captivating than the saccharine of Ozzy and Harriet then this StyleThing! is for you.

    As if someone would think that a parent who loves cutting-edge style would dress kiddy darling in putrid pastels or those fuddy-duddy pre-coordinated matched sets.

    Well, stop thinking and start rocking!

    Collect some über-cool baby onseies and toddler T-shirts with graphic declarations that have their tongue firmly planted in their cheek. Consider– “Scream Queen”,“Little Punk”, “Evil Genius For A Better Tomorrow,” “Super-Duper Pooper”, a “Mom” tattoo, and the mooning “Bad Little Devil”.

    Dookiewear punk baby clothes were conceived by a new mom who just wasn’t about to give up her rock and roll roots with motherhood– and hallelujah, these affordable,hip kid goodies are a blast.


    If you crave more of a mini rebel yell, like a “I Wanna Rock” T-shirt, leopard bowling shirt, or zipper-crazy punk pants check out Lucky Lil’ Devil for cool stuff favored by Creed, Green Day, and Metallica.

    These clothes will not be sold in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

    –May 9, 2002

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