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  • Lady Gaga Dumps the Crazy Costumes and Wears Tom Ford


    I'll Have What She's Having: This is HIGH F-A-S-H-I-O-N, but is it right for Lady Gaga?

    It seems that Lady Gaga got the memo that the constant ridiculous costumes distract from her music. Its redundancy in trying to push the envelope becomes, well, boring.

    Then, there is fashion, and there is HIGH fashion.

    At an appearance for MTV News last night, Lady Gaga wore an off the runway, Tom Ford chalk white guipure lace dress with 3D detail. The dress has the exaggerated aristocratic elegance of a dress that the model Dovima would have been photographed wearing in the 1950's.

    And, I love it!

    The dress as seen on

    The dress as seen on

    But on Lady Gaga, not so much.

    Let's not forget that the dress, as pictured above on the Tom Ford website, sits elegantly on a tall, long waisted model. The stand out drama of the dress speaks for itself.

    That is until it gets into Lady Gaga's hands…

    La Gaga just seems too short waisted to pull this look off.

    Emma Stone looking gorgeous in a black version of the Tom Ford lace dress.

    Emma Stone looking gorgeous in a black version of the Tom Ford lace dress.

    And like a good dish, do you really need all the sides?

    The stupid flower/tutu/mardi gras headpiece looks like it fell out of a clown's costume box. The black square sunglasses bring to mind the wrong decade to flatter the dress. I'm assuming the pearls and brooch are her way of looking ladylike.

    Then there's the cheesy L.A. starlet hair extensions and her dragon lady finger nails.

    What's next, an orange fake tan?

    Verdict: The Tom Ford dress is beyond chic and proves that no matter how gorgeous something is, it's how you wear it that makes the statement.

    Case in point, Emma Stone looking elegant in the black version of the same dress as worn to the "Crazy, Stupid Love" premiere just a couple of weeks ago. Simply classy and gimmick free.


    Photo: Tom Ford courtesy of and Emma Stone;PRPhotos


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