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  • Last-Minute Holiday Style Questions: Answered!

    holiday style post

    I had so much fun on the phone last week answering your last-minute holiday style questions!

    The special bonus Q&A session was for my bestie’s on my newsletter list… it’s free to subscribe & this live call was a thank you for being part of my insiders.

    I love the connection of getting up close with you by phone for some quick-fire help. There will be more opportunities coming up in the new year (so hop on my list, why don’t you?). If you registered for the call and missed it, you can listen to the rebroadcast here.

    >>There’s more curated goodness on our Holiday Style Guide!

    Since there were so many advance questions that I think could help all of you. Naveed and I (he added his two cents on the call too) decided to do a last-minute holiday style recap, and share some brief highlights from our time together.

    Bah Bumba Bum… The Transcript Crib Notes…

    Anka Asks: What is the style in shoes this new year’s winter and spring? What about accessories?

    Let me try to help you out, the first thing when it comes to shoes is that heels are getting a bit lower. What’s new for shoes going forward is that it’s more of a time for something more restrained. You want a heel that you can comfortably walk in, not the towering stilettos that some people are still wearing and can barely hobble about. We all have had so much silver and sparkly items in the past few seasons so it serves you better to keep it refined.


    Valerie Asks: I’m going home for Christmas and will be visiting family and friends. Advice for a casually chic outfit for holiday visits?

    If you are going into lazy days at people’s houses, when it’s a comfortable day like that and not a party for sure, something like the structure of blazer just won’t do when a cozy knit seems all the more intimate. I am a big fan of that and you can top it off with a great boot to suggest that you aren’t going for a merely sporty look.


    Sandy Asks: Are holiday pins really for old ladies? My co-worker gave me one as a gift and I don’t want to wear it but don’t want to hurt her feelings.

    That’s funny! My mother in law likes holiday pins -first clue! They do have an old-school mark matronly feeling about them. It’s not just that it’s the pin itself, but that they are often small to wear singularly. Things look better in 3’s, so try a collection to look more cool and whimsical. And why not just wear it once to make your coworker feel good and call it a day.


    Heather Asks: My office holiday party is next week in a banquet room at a local restaurant. The party starts at noon. I know I am expected to get dressed up but it is during the day and totally confused as what I should wear and still look professional. Last year, one of the other account execs wore a low cut dress and got drunk. People are still talking.

    When you are at any party, particularly in a professional atmosphere, please don’t drink too much- it’s not the Madmen days. Get a tiny buzz but go for something diluted or consider a wine spritzer or a Campari soda. But as far as what you should wear, you don’t want to let the girls hand out; don’t look suggestive. So go for something that skims the body but isn’t body-con. A good rule of thumb is to not over dress, people get confused and go overly formal, the key is to look professional and polished and not va-va-voom.


    Suzie Asks: I have a few different parties to attend in one night and my feet won’t hold up in heels. What can I wear with flats and still look nice?

    Flats are coming back in style as heels remain lower. In fact the other day we just wrote up how a smart flat can amp up your French chic style. Consider something pretty like a cube heeled shoe, and remember that a good rule of thumb is to have a break of skin. Consider pairing a great flat with black leather pants or something slim fitting with something as simple as a chunky sweater and fun jewelry to help you get around in comfort. A longer length, mid-calf skirt looks very pretty with flats as the proportion works. Even a pair of flat low heeled boots would look great with a midi skirt.

    Lucky you, you have a garage! They only thing I can barely store is our car. But back to the question, I suggest starting with basic oval shapes for balance at the center of your table. Crate & Barrel had some really inexpensive wooden plates which you can use throughout the year -even as decor and placeholders. Try to find an unusual color and remember that if the plate is too large, simply add a touch of green or a sprig to fill the dead space.


    Rose Asks: Sharon, how far do you plan in advance for your holiday wardrobe?

    Well, not much! I have an annual Thanksgiving clean out the closet date with myself, but I lost my clean out this year working on a project. Which has me wearing the same five heavy sweaters for the moment until I can reschedule the cloet overhaul. That said, I don’t know what I am wearing to my own holiday party besides a new pair of Stella McCartney heels I just got. So I’ll be starting from the bottom up, but I don’t plan that far in advance.

    Fashion is like food, which starts with a good recipe and if you have the freshest ingredients it’s so easy. But if the food is wilting, it requires much more effort to make it appealing. You need clothes you can just grab and go with some really great pieces. You can also go back to your favorite outfits of the year for one last wear.


    Jeanie Asks: What trend should I buy into now to dress up my outfits that I will continue to want to wear into the spring? I guess accessories.

    I think, you know it’s like my new shoes with the gold heels, for Spring it’s all about gold. I went to Forever 21 yesterday for my son but in case you didn’t know, they also have really good cheap jewelry. I got myself some great gold necklace that looks high-end, so going forward come Spring if you start collecting now you’ll be ahead of the back. If you have the basics covered, you might as well be a little whimsical to add some personality to your look.


    Dee Asks: My husband and I are going to a New Year’s Eve house party and the dress code is Casual Formal. I think I’m ok by wearing a sequin sweater, dark jeans, and stilettos, but what the heck does that mean for what my husband should wear? I hate cutesy dress codes, can’t people just be straight forward?

    In any situation if you are really confused, simply ask the host or someone you know who has been to their party before. In Wyoming they have the Blue Jeans Ball where you wear your favorite jeans with a sequined top, similar to you! Your outfit can pretty much take you to any kind of house party and makes for a nice, festive, easy look. If your husband is like mine, he probably isn’t into shopping for a special occasion. But I’m guessing he has a tried & true blazer hanging in his closet as a starting point. Add a chunky sweater under it, maybe a nice jewel tone shirt, and pair with a great tuxedo shoe -but ditch the tie! And don’t get too officey or local newscaster, which is not a chic as you should really go.


    Joy Asks: I never know what footwear to wear to a party when it snows. Do I dress for snow boots or for a party? Is there a way to be practical and festive?

    Back to Wyoming, if you are living in a place where come holiday time snow is up to your waist, wear your snow shoes on the trip there and replace them with dressier shoes when you are almost there. But if you are short on space/time, consider an oversized sweater and dress up your look with jewels.

    That’s all we have room for here… 
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