Wishlist luxury by way of Hermes Paris holiday windows

No airline ticket required! We’ve got the snaps of the Hermes Paris holiday windows to inspire your most deluxe of desires…

Sorbet shades of the house’s iconic patterns, panels of rich color and cacti a plenty, what gives?

Our Parisian connection, Richard‘s visit to get a glimpse of what Hermes had in-store during the competitive holiday window frenzy season had him guessing what the season’s theme was -have a clue?

We’re guessing Richard maybe be on to something as the series suggests the best of both worlds when it comes to destination holidays; flora & fauna vs. the heat of the tropics.


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Usually the Hermes windows don’t hold anything back when it comes to their luxurious Christmas windows with over the top displays of sheer decadence. This year Hermes seems to have pulled back:  gone are the vibrant colors and metallic finishes and in their place are subtle, toned down pastel and dusty desert tones of beige, pink, pale blue, sage,  and apricot. 

The curious mix of cacti, wicker chairs, love seats, and sea shells has me guessing what the exact theme is. Is it the desert or the seaside? Please tell me if you can figure it out!



Visit 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 
via Metro: Concorde
— Richard Nahem

Photos: Richard Nahem

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