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  • Secrets To My Leadership Style

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    Wanna talk leadership style? You’re in for a special treat.

    It’s not often that I talk about the behind the scenes of my business and my leadership style.

    Running a business is just as chic to me as a pair of shoes.

    So this time I pulled back the curtain to reveal what not only makes my business tick but my style of leadership that has allowed me to be a successful entrepreneur for the past three decades. You’ll also learn about what I call my “two-headed monster” as I’m equally versed in business as in style. I hold a degree in marketing and a black belt in shopping.

    If you are the face of your brand, an entrepreneur, coach or run your own show,  you will want to hear this podcast.  I’m revealing savvy ideas  about how I effectively run my online business in a way you have never heard from me before.

    Unshakeable podcaster Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead  was able to get me to spill the beans about the practices and resources that can also help you achieve your success more quickly… more effectively… and with a confident leadership style.

    Have a listen…

    Listen to the Women Taking The Lead Podcast Interview

    Podcast highlights to get your wheels turning about my leadership style…

    Read on as Women Taking The Lead’s Jodi Flynn delves into my start in the business world, my take on leadership practices and what I find inspiring:

    Episode Intro

    Sharon Haver teaches everyday women to look like they’re worth it, so that they can create a relevant, authentic modern image to earn + deserve 6-figure pay days. Halfway through her three-decade career in style, she left the lure of being a New York fashion stylist working with top models & actresses on photo shoots to helping working women make the most of what they’ve got. She founded in 1999. Although her impressive resume looks like a who’s who of media household names, her heart is with helping entrepreneurs refine their chic style to confidently pull their look together with ease.

    Playing Small Moment

    I noticed at a young age that I was playing small. Sometimes it only takes one (snide) comment to build the way you do business.

    While working at a plastic trade magazine in college, I overheard one of the managers say that I would not bother to work because I was pretty. Dang, her insecure comment made me think that I always had to proof my worth by over-delivering. But it really was her insecurity that someone younger could shift the status quo while she rested on her laurels.

    Eventually, I realized how stupid it was and that I must overcome my need to validate myself to propel my business forward.

    BTW: I ended up getting promoted from intern to acting director while I was still in college. Guess who didn’t like that?


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    The Wake Up Call

    The light bulb went off when I was working seven days a week/fifteen hour days; I noticed I was doing all the grunt work in my business. I slowly began to realize I needed to hire responsible people who could do their job effectively to help me when needed.

    I couldn’t do it all  so I needed to learn how to delegate and work with a team. I’ve also been involved in several high level masterminds and recently hired a top-level  business coach to help me get to the next level.

    Style of Leadership

    I am straightforward, to the point and practice what I preach.

    sometimes we lean


    What Are You Excited About?

    I am excited about my new book called The StyleWORD: Fashion Quotes for Real Style. It’s the ultimate cheat sheet to upgrade your look in the shortest amount of time. Check out the StyleWORD website to join the launch waitlist.

    Leadership Practice

    DIVA-FREE ZONE!  If I can do it, so can you.

    It’s your business. Get down and dirty and get what needs to get done, done!


    believe in your gut

    Advice For Younger Self

    Believe in your gut.

    Inspirational Quote

    “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” ~Gloria Steinem

    What do you need?

    How can I help you amp your leadership style and your personal brand image?

    Schedule a call and let’s find out!

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