Dress for Success: What Defines Your Style?

What really defines your style? 

You’ve thought about it, and we’ve spent over 15 years online helping you explore the true meaning of style. And with summer just around the corner, what better a time for style motivation as the new season approaches?  

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In this stylist advice post, I want to recap what I said to Tina Ann from San Juan Capistrano, CA during a free FocusOnStyle Insider’s Community call the other evening. The best way to always be in the know is to be on The List. So get on it! S.H.

q2What is the main thing that really defines your style?


Question & AnswerI think it’s your presence.

For me it comes from my C.H.I.C. mantra; Confident, Harmonious, Interesting & Classic style, which is also the premise for the C’est Chic Crash Course. It’s when you walk in a room you own it, and that you own your own look, that’s what defines your style.

So you might be the person who is wearing something just a little imperfect, and it looks great – that is Fabulous! Or if you are the type of person who had someone dress you in a certain way and you can’t stand it – then, you don’t have the confidence.

Your presence and your own personal brand of chic define style…

Meaning go ahead, and figure out unique signatures that evoke you spirit to leave a lasting impression. Whether you are a business woman or a stay at home mom, there are aspects of your personality you should flaunt to add elements of your being to the way you look. Don’t call it a uniform though, more so consider it the essence of your true self highlighted in a way that leaves you chic & confident.

I want you to play big in the world, and to play big in the world you need to look like you are ready for prime time, and not the 5 o’clock early bird special. You need to look big. And looking chic means that you are timeless, elegant, modern and that you look like you are worth it.

Your best stylist is within you. I want you to have that instinct that you have those impromptu moments everyday in your closet of putting your hands in there and knowing what will work, and if it is not working in a second, that you will pull something out that will make it work. That confidence I think is priceless…

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