Your Personal Style In A Time of Life Transitions

Top 3 ways to know when to transition your style as you move along in your life

It’s been a heady transformative week at my house for sure. My son received early acceptance to his first choice college!

My son reading his college acceptance to dad on the phoneI’m beyond thrilled that his hard work paid off and he will have the opportunity to have the advanced education so that my crazy talented kid can live out his dream of becoming a feature filmmaker.

The absolute joy is palatable as not only is his major highly competitive but it is also the university where my father proudly graduated so emotions are going full circle.

Okay, I have to also admit that as a family, we are also rather relieved that the stress period of looking and applying to colleges is over. Huge sigh of relief before we head out west to our vacation home for the holidays. Over the next couple of weeks, we can find some much-needed downtime to kick back and relax as a family.

I started to also look back at how fast the days have gone by since my baby was really a baby. We are all heading into a new chapter of our life.

This got me thinking about how so many of my clients, students, and readers start to re-evaluate their style when their life is at a point of transition.

Life transitions can be just the signal you need to wake up you style! {click to tweet this}.

So I thought it would be a good time to review the markers of life transformations that can signal you to wake up your style.

Your Personal Style In A Time of Life Transitions

3 key ways to know it’s time to transition your style…

Style Check: Timing

It’s not uncommon, and rather pragmatic, to take the moment to reflect on where you are and where you would like to be when you hit a transitional milestone on your life.

Whether it be approaching your next Big-0 birthday, a new job, a weight loss or gain, a relationship change or heading in the direction of being an empty-nester there are certain life markers that call for a time of pause for some clarity. Suddenly, you realize that how you presented yourself before has nothing to do with how you want to be perceived now!

Style Check: It Just Feels Right

You find yourself constantly noticing things that you had no idea were even there before. You start to see life in a new way and wonder why you not only feel but see yourself as being left behind. Ouch!

It’s time to fast-forward to now rather than being stuck in the then.

Style Check: Comparison

How is it that “she” always looks stylish? You spend your time obsessing over you friend, co-worker, the last you see on the morning commute and wonder how is it that “she” has it going on but you can’t seem to piece it all together no matter how much you try.  You play dress-up, read magazines and still find yourself chipping away at your self-esteem because you can’t measure up to “her.”

Well, stop it!

You are enough, and to quote Albert Einstein, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Awareness is always the first step to action but what follows is the first step to the solution.  {click to tweet}

So, what’s your solution?

If you feel any of these three keys coming on, it’s time to take your next action step to transition your style to be worthy of the woman you are today. I want to personally help you find your stylish way so that you can have the freedom to enjoy all that life brings without worrying about how you present yourself in those situations where it matters.

If you are serious about taking the next step but not sure what it should be, I invite you to book a Style Strategy Session. Appointments are limited, but the rewards are forever. See you on the other side.


Featured image: Outfit from Zara.

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