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  • Makeup Junkie: Limited edition cosmetics can be better than fantasizing about a one-night stand!

    Hot guy vs. hot lipstick?

    M.A.C. Cosmetics Sugarsweet Collection, back with a very available past love…

    Any woman who has ever fantasized about a steamy one night stand with a celebrity will understand my love of limited edition cosmetics.

    You know what I mean– you’re at a bar, you lock eyes with Brad Pitt (or George Clooney, or whoever the hottie du jour is), and immediately you know that this is it, your chance for one amazing evening with him– this chance will never ever come again– and you’ll probably never see him again afterwards.

    Now, stick with me here for a moment, as I compare this to my favorite lipstick.

    Last year, as part of their Heatherette Collection, MAC introduced Lollipop Lovin’. Now, I’m not sure that a more perfect lipstick has ever existed– it’s a pinky coral with a really interesting green duo-chrome (I know! green!! But somehow, it worked On almost everyone)! Before the lipstick came out, I was vaguely aware it was coming; I heard other bloggers who’d gotten sneak peaks whisper its name.

    MAC: Lollipop Loving, Sugarsweet Collection

    MAC: Lollipop Loving, Sugarsweet Collection

    When I saw Lollipop in person, I knew it had to be mine, and I knew that my time with it would be short. Lollipop was going to sell out quickly, and it did, very quickly.

    I bought one, but then when I wanted to buy a back up (i know, this is where this starts to sound crazy for some people), there were none to be found. By coincidence, I was going to visit one of my closest friends in Oregon right at the peak of my Lollipop Lovin’ frenzy, and the first place I had her take me was to a MAC counter. They had it! Oregon wasn’t lovin’ Lollipop like the east coast was– I was in some kind of euphoric state. I bought four of them.Yes, four.

    Now this is where I will concede to being crazy. I gave them all away. I loved this color so much and wanted other people to also, that I gave them to my friends.


    This is like meeting Brad, having an amazing night with him, and then giving him your best friends’ numbers, and telling him to pay them a visit. Who would do such a thing?! Me.

    And I spent the better part of the next year hoping I would find a store or counter that had one. Of course, none of them did! I’m a fool! Sure my friends all have beautiful lips now, but what about me? I’m at the bottom of my tube. Only using it on really special occasions. I was giving up hope. The world and MAC can be so cruel (how could they not have made such a gem of a color permanent?!).

    Amazingly, though, Lollipop Loving is being repromoted on Thursday by MAC in their Sugarsweet Collection– available at M.A.C. Cosmetics at Macy’s. I am obviously buying one, possibly two of this lipstick.

    Now my question to you, is, do you think that limited edition colors/ products are worthwhile? Would you rather have one night with the man of your dreams and then never see him again, or pass him up completely because you wouldn’t want to know what you’re missing?

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