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    Timeless Chic Outerwear Picks The Top 3 Wardrobe Essentials to Transition to Spring with looks from Burberry, worn by Liv Taylor

    Timeless Chic Outerwear Picks with looks from Burberry, worn by Liv Taylor, Misha Barton, Gwyneth Paltrow

    Dear Sharon:It’s that time of year again when my winter coat is too warm and I still need to wear something to cover up to transition into spring and bring back for fall.

    My problem is that I really need to buy a new spring coat or jacket but I’m hesitant to spend a lot of money right now on a style that I may be tired of come fall. Since spring is such a short season I usually buy a trendy, throwaway jacket but with this economy, I rather err on the side of classic. What style coat or jacket do you recommend to last a few, good seasons?  from Riding the Coattails of Fashion (Chicago, IL)

    Dear Coattails of Fashion: I completely understand, for most of us this is not the time to spend big bucks on throwaway trends. But when it comes to outerwear, certain timeless chic styles are an investment worth making.


    The right style coat or jacket can be dressed up or dressed down with existing trend pieces in your wardrobe to look right in style. On a practical note, a coat or jacket gives you abundant mileage as something you don every day. It’s quality should always be the best that you can afford as it creates an instant first impression before you have the chance to show off your fancy frocks underneath.

    Let’s look at the top three timeless chic outerwear picks and understand why you really want to add them to your wardrobe, if you don’t already have one tucked away in your closet.

    The Perfect Trench-Simple chic, always understated and the faultless foil to boost up your wardrobe. Its classic style adds the right amount of nonchalance to more edgy pieces so you never look overdone or over styled, only just right. We love the masculine edge of a trench coat over a flirty short skirt or the contrast when worn casually tossed over your most glittering eveningwear. Belt it tight and pair it over skinny pants that show off your ankles and try either glimmering sandals or some equally classic Chucks’ sneakers or stilettos, the versatility is yours! Stick to classic beige or black for the most long-term style. Try eBay or thrift shops for some super designer vintage finds.

    Shop the Smart Trench Coat:

    Rocker Leather Jacket- Black is best but so are almost black shades of steel, espresso, or midnight, as long as you leather jacket oozes tough girl chic. Toss it over some of-the- moment sheers to look less girly and more street smart. Go totally city chic and wear your leather jacket over skinny black pants with big dark shades, or top the new full leg pants with a shorter jacket.

    Getting chilly? Try the Paris chic layered look and pop that trench right over your jacket, and toss an oversized scarf around your neck… There’s a classic sense of urban cool that is inherent to every great black leather rocker jacket and they only get better with time!

    Shop the Leather Rocker Jacket:

    The Elongated Cardi- Easy going classic style that is not of the frumpy variety! Skinny and long, the subtle drape of an elongated cardigan whittles your waist when gathered with a skinny belt or adds dimension when worn open over the tiniest mini.

    Look for styles that cover your tush and move with in lightweight silks (careful of snags) or featherweight cashmere. Worn over a blouse or sexy and bare, a boyfriend inspired, long cardigan sweater is a terrific topper for jeans to pencil skirts and all that’s lean in between.

    Shop the Versatile Boyfriend Cardigan:

    –March 18, 2009

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