Mad Fashion on Bravo is pretty darn fabulous

The cast of "Mad Fashion"

Geez, the last time I spent an evening on 10th Ave. and West 41st street with Sharon Haver was probably in 1986 when a famous diner sat in that location! Truck drivers, drag queens, and runaways with a dream filled the booths.

This time my foraging to the West Side of Manhattan was for the premiere party for “Mad Fashion” on Bravo, starring Chris March. The show celebrates the fab, new and wild fashion designs of its star, previously known to most from “Project Runway.” When asked what the premise of the show was Chris replied: “lots of fashion and fun”.

It sure is!

We chatted with Bra Style Expert Jene Luciani, AKA the “Bra Book Lady,” who had plenty to say about fashion! Stating that it all begins with a good foundation.  Yet, fashion is all about exploring your styling; and believe me, this lady knows what style is at six feet tall in heels and a headdress.  She rocked the party.

As Andy Cohen made his way thru the crowd grabbing photo’s with the cast mates, I had a word with him about the show.  It was apparent he was thrilled that Chris March was staring in a show about madcap fashion and the ever exciting cast of characters! Tune in and watch this very cool new show “MAD FASHION”…. the first episode with shoe designer Ruthie Davis was outrageously fabulous.

BTW: I was more than intrigued by the fabulous Medea vodka who sponsored the party.  The bottle actually has a running billboard below the neck that can be customized with your own message!

Check your local listing for show times and let me know what you think! – Brad Boles

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