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  • Cat Eye Liner- Some sultry, sexy eye makeup tips

    Jamie King wearing Le Vian rings

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Jamie King’s dramatic cat eyes

    With a return to classics finding their way back into your wardrobe, you can naturally expect the return of  Cat Eye Black Eyeliner. Here’s a little beauty tip on how to get your cat on, ladies.

    • Apply base primer to the lid.
    • Powder lightly.
    • Take your liquid eyeliner wand starting with the inner upper lid, when you get to the end of the lash line, tip your wand upwards to create a perfect delicate cat eye point.

    Makeup Artist Trick of the Trade: Start out with a thin band of eyeliner and increase the width as you fan out to the edge of the lash. This is where things can go south very quickly without a skilled hand. Please heed my advice, unless your goal is a homage to Amy Winehouse.

    • Make sure you curl your upper lashes and add two coats of finely applied mascara.
    •  If you’re feeling really catty, a set of false lash will give you that Audrey Hepburn look.

     As far as hair, we all love it slightly messy like Jamie King’s to keep it edgy, undone, and not too severe.  See it’s not so hard to get that dramatic celebrity eye makeup look of the moment.— Brad Boles

    There are many ways to skin a cat, eye liner that is…

    Photo: Jamie King wearing Le Vian rings

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